Not for Rant

Think about this website / domain. Not for Rant.

I imagine a Not for Rent property sign in front of a house. What if you had a Not for Rant sign on you? A message to people that you’re not interested in their ranting. It wouldn’t stop everyone that enters your space, but it could help.

Try noticing how often ranting is the summary of your communication with others and/or what others are doing / saying. It’s all to often that I find myself with others that are complaining or talking about someone or something in a negative way. It’s exhausting, and disappointing.

Try noticing too if the words are about something that already happened (the past).

Ive noticed that people are often stuck in the past. Think about your mindset. Are your encounters ones where you’re in the moment such that you’re appreciating the moment and life and what’s here and in front of you? Are you holding others in a positive light? Or, are you holding something against someone(s)?

Holding on to something or holding something against others only hurts you. Think about it. Get your mind right. Focus on you and what you want to be doing, and don’t allow negative people or situations to rent space in your head.