Fight for it.

Clarity comes
To those who persist.
A light can come on
When you’ve swung and missed.

That certain thing clicks
At the end of the day.
Once you’ve said, I’ve got more;
When you decided to stay.

Shut-it down though,
And you cannot learn.
The lessons lie
Just ahead of the turn.

You got to face
The fears of now
In order to know
The way; the how.

So challenge yourself
To find your way;
To never give up.
Your effort will pay.

What I’ve Learned

The lessons I’ve learned
Are ones that serve me.
They’ve taught me that giving
Is the best way to be.

I’ve seen that success
Is not about me,
But about sharing my time
With my family.

So, I see my work
Like a garden to tend.
It’s a part of my life,
And a means to an end.

Because, our time here is short
And it passes us by.
I’m thankful that I know
My purpose; my Why.


Morons, morons, everywhere.
They’re everywhere I go.
Can’t always see them coming,
But I’m glad to see them go.

Maybe I should wear a sign
That simply says, No thank you.
I wonder if they’d stay away?
If not i could try, Blank You.

Open Up

I’m beginning to see
Just how different we are.
Our experience is night and day.

You hear one thing.
I hear another.
I can tell by the things that we say.

You-don’t give-things much-thought.
Your world seems cold.
What a lonely way to be.

It may-seem safer that way.
You may think you can’t help it.
But, I think we choose what we see.

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

We’re in such different places.
We’ve such different views.
You don’t even know
The length of my fuse.

I know where you’re shallow.
I can guess why you’re cold.
You can’t relate
To the things that I hold.

And so, here we are.
An odd-couple at best.
I’m walking on egg shells
With things on my chest.

I won’t turn to you
To speak my mind.
The question is…
Should I leave you behind?

Or, accept it, as is,
Though I don’t feel free.
Why would I stay,
If I can’t be me?