Where We Are

1. We go as we like it.
2. We see differently.
3. I’m a part of your story
a. Just as you are for me.

As with personal space?
Check yourself at the door.
I know of my own house.
Show respect. Know the lore?

Know where you are?
Know where we come from?
We’re-all-from the-same-place;
The King and the Bum.


Imagination’s a gift.
It’s ThinkingAhead.
It’s a-combination of leading,
And of being Led.

Individual, yet team sport,
While for-others, we do.
Hard-work is collective.
There-is “I”-in-“You”.

Doing right, and-trusting-process;
Built by those from the past,
Is a privilege and blessing.
The-possibilities are vast.

When we’re believing in self,
And we’re trusting in others.
We’re an-unstoppable-force;
Acting-as-sister’s and brothers.

We’re ThinkingAhead,
And we’ve already won;
Getting better and better,
And it’s just begun.

We,ve been planning success,
And we’re playing the part.
Founded from love
Led by our heart.

Outside and Within

Enjoy watching-birds
Because you can.
That’s-what Saturday’s for.
Spending time with no plan.

You can take in the sounds,
While enjoying the breeze,
While feeling the sun.
Take-time-for-yourself, please.

One day, try headphones;
The next, go without.
Mix it up how you like.
Change is-what-it’s-about.

Taking time for yourself
And finding some space,
Will bring peace to your weekdays,
When you’re in the rat race.

Because peace is a feeling,
That we find from within.
And, we can share it with others.
Starting now, let’s begin.

Start just by sitting,
Or go for a walk.
And, see what you find,
You may hear a hawk.

I promise you this.
Its worth it, and free.
And, will help with your balance.
Try it out. You will see.

Just a Kiss

What are we doing?
We’re better than this.
Can we agree to move on?
May i give you a kiss?

I don’t care anymore
About being right.
I’m over it now.
I don’t want to fight.

So much resentment.
It’s become a disease.
We’ve got to let go.
I’m begging you, please!

We-can be-happy, I-know.
The clouds will part.
I’ve thought it through.
This is a matter of heart.

I feel your tension.
I know your pain.
I pray for blue skies,
And an end to the rain.

Please join me now
And take my hand.
Do you feel what I’m saying?
Do you understand?

Please trust in me.
Believe in this.
We can be better.
Let’s let it start with this kiss.

Of Thee

In a round-about way,
Holding more than we know,
As we’re skipping
Below the surface
Of time;

With the beat
As our feet meet the street,
To then be carried away
And to say
What comes to mind.

Adding to
And neglecting
All the same
And different.

Apparently unapparent,
And sifting
As if we know something
More or less conceivable
For the moment,
As normal evolves
Collective progress,
As it were.

Plan to Win

Early to bed,
Early to rise,
Hard work pays off,
Is no surprise.

I wake with a plan
Then jump right in.
Eliminating distractions
Is how I begin.

And, I use buckets of time;
An organized day.
It’s hour by hour.
That’s the best way.

Especially when planned.
There’s so-much time-saved.
Would you choose gravel,
Or a road that’s paved?

Set yourself up
And make the most of each day.
If not, you’re failing,
And letting time slip away.

I Can and Will

Settling in
With no time to snooze.
It’s a matter of effort;
I will not lose.

It’s learn as I go.
It’s stick to the plan.
Show early. Leave late,
With belief that, I can.

I’ve been here before,
And I know how.
Determination and focus.
The moment is now.

Eliminate distractions.
Over and over again.
Consistent practice,
Is how I will win.

Hard work pays off.
It’s been proven before.
But, the key is grit;
When you can’t give anymore.

When you mind says, stop.
When you’re all outta gas.
That’s when you fight.
You know that tired will pass.

And, so you push through
Giving your-all each day.
One day you’ll look back
And will be able to say…

I did my best.