I Can and Will

Settling in
With no time to snooze.
It’s a matter of effort;
I will not lose.

It’s learn as I go.
It’s stick to the plan.
Show early. Leave late,
With belief that, I can.

I’ve been here before,
And I know how.
Determination and focus.
The moment is now.

Eliminate distractions.
Over and over again.
Consistent practice,
Is how I will win.

Hard work pays off.
It’s been proven before.
But, the key is grit;
When you can’t give anymore.

When you mind says, stop.
When you’re all outta gas.
That’s when you fight.
You know that tired will pass.

And, so you push through
Giving your-all each day.
One day you’ll look back
And will be able to say…

I did my best.


Greatest of All Time;
A reservation for one.
He’s known as the goat.
He’s second to none.

He’s the king of the hill,
And he fought for that place.
He set the bar,
Which all others chase.

He ran out front
Holding a bullseye.
He took everyone’s best.
Said, let’s see you try.

Unmatched belief
And desire to win;
Heart and focus,
Beyond all other men.

Records and trophies
To back the claim.
Number 23;
MJ’s his name.

Blown Lead

Tough not-to get-down
When you blow a late lead.
The win was in sight,
But you started to bleed.

The shark smelled the blood;
Game over. Good night.
It was like a bad dream;
Wasn’t even a fight.

Momentum shifted;
A slippery slope.
Not a thing you could do.
There was no hope.

Like watching a train wreck;
You couldn’t stop it.
You knew it was coming,
But you’d-already lost it.

Did-you-take-your foot off the gas?
What exactly went wrong?
You know something changed
Before the fat lady’s song.

Whatever it was,
You-don’t-want-to be there again.
You do what it takes
So that next time you’ll win.

The Zone (hoops)

The time has come.
All from within You;
It’s on you to produce;
You’ve made it Through…

The blood, sweat, and tears.
Willing the Moment.
No one quite knows,
But you’ll show that you Own It.

Impossibly huge.
All the fans’ Hope
Riding on you.
Half want you to Choke,

Though deep-down
We want the best from Eachother;
Peak performace
In Brother vs Brother.

But, in cases like this
Only one can Shine.
You’ve got the ball
Knowing they’re two steps Behind.

You take the shot;
You knew it was Good!!!
The clock expires.
Like Hoosiers and Chitwood.

Coach, I’ll make it.
You called for the ball.
Your teammates knew.
It was more than gall.

100 percent confidence.
We know it as Zone.
Above competition,
You stand alone.

Family Master’s Tickets (Badges)

Hey, Pop Pops.
About your Master’s tix.
I’d love to go next Year (’19).

Please understand
This comes to you
With some amount of Fear.

Not fear in asking.
I’m comfortable taking that Chance.
Rather, fear of missing out
On Tiger’s comeback-win Dance.

I’d be taking Oliver (Pop Pop’s grandson, 7)
There’s a chance he’ll get Bored.
But, he’ll never forget
Those few-times the crowd Roared.

Pristine grounds.
In a class all its own.
The world’s best golfers;
The stars and unknown.

Pimento cheese sandwiches;
Ridiculously Cheap.
The hush before shots
When you hear not a Peep.

But, most of all,
Time for Father and Son.
Will you give this to us?
It would mean a Ton.

I do struggle in asking.
Your badges? Like Gold.
I know what they’re worth.
I know what you Hold.

I know they are few,
And just-once every Spring.
Please give it some thought,
And then give me a Ring.

Those pine trees are calling
The azaleas are Too.
Please do this for Oli,
And also for You.

One Shinning Moments

We love comeback stories,
And-to-see underdogs win.
Like, final play
Where it’s fourth and ten.
Hail Mary pass,
To the guy off the bench.
Coach had no options.
He was in a pinch.
Final play.
The kid came through.
Back of the end zone.
Despite replay,
You knew.
He caught it,
In bounds,
For the go ahead score.
Fans lost their minds;
Unbelievable roar.

That’s the stuff
That dreams are made of.
You can’t help but think
Of the presence above.

Almost too-good to-be-true;
That one shining moment,
When the kid delivers.
He stepped up and he owned it.

Chills, if not tears
Rush into you.
Nothing like it.
These times are few.

And, as soon as it’s over,
You want the next time;
When-the-play comes together.
For the one-kid to-shine.