The Chills

You can’t not get the chills,
When Roy’s ball hits the lights,
When the crowd chants Rudy’s name,
During all of Rocky’s fights.

And please… with Jimmy Chitwood?
The shot to win the game?
The speach before they play?
Jimmy calling his own name?

These moments are the best;
These athletes and their wills
No-matter how many times you see it,
They always bring the chills.

SEC and Playoff

Tua’s still green.
Makes mistakes when he’s pressed.
Dawgs will expose him,
In the Dirty Bird’s nest.

With the title at stake,
And… a playoff spot,
He will come unhinged;
Whether you like it or not.

It’ll be the Tide going out;
UGA rolling in;
First title since Herschel;
Georgia by ten.

Giant Moment

Unbelievable moment.
Ten men on the court.
Each bound and determined
Not to sell themselves short.

Palpable pressure.
Clock running out.
Comes down to focus;
No room for doubt.

Crowd on their feet.
Cheering, worldwide.
The brightest of stages.
There’s nowhere to hide.

Who will come through,
And make the big play?
Or, will someone miss
Because it wasn’t his day?

Whatever the case
They’ve all earned their spot.
They’re just seconds away
From the final shot.

And, in moments they’ll know
Of the story they’ll hold
For the rest of their lives,
Carrying silver or gold.

I Can and Will

Settling in
With no time to snooze.
It’s a matter of effort;
I will not lose.

It’s learn as I go.
It’s stick to the plan.
Show early. Leave late,
With belief that, I can.

I’ve been here before,
And I know how.
Determination and focus.
The moment is now.

Eliminate distractions.
Over and over again.
Consistent practice,
Is how I will win.

Hard work pays off.
It’s been proven before.
But, the key is grit;
When you can’t give anymore.

When you mind says, stop.
When you’re all outta gas.
That’s when you fight.
You know that tired will pass.

And, so you push through
Giving your-all each day.
One day you’ll look back
And will be able to say…

I did my best.


Greatest of All Time;
A reservation for one.
He’s known as the goat.
He’s second to none.

He’s the king of the hill,
And he fought for that place.
He set the bar,
Which all others chase.

He ran out front
Holding a bullseye.
He took everyone’s best.
Said, let’s see you try.

Unmatched belief
And desire to win;
Heart and focus,
Beyond all other men.

Records and trophies
To back the claim.
Number 23;
MJ’s his name.

Blown Lead

Tough not-to get-down
When you blow a late lead.
The win was in sight,
But you started to bleed.

The shark smelled the blood;
Game over. Good night.
It was like a bad dream;
Wasn’t even a fight.

Momentum shifted;
A slippery slope.
Not a thing you could do.
There was no hope.

Like watching a train wreck;
You couldn’t stop it.
You knew it was coming,
But you’d-already lost it.

Did-you-take-your foot off the gas?
What exactly went wrong?
You know something changed
Before the fat lady’s song.

Whatever it was,
You-don’t-want-to be there again.
You do what it takes
So that next time you’ll win.