The Blame Game

What horrible pictures you Take.
Negatives in a dark room,
For goodness Sake!

You own the camera,
But have refused to seek Light.
I can’t help but judge;
My opinion seems Right.

Like it’s not subjective matter.
I’m far from alone
In seeing this Way.
Like you forgot
The assignment
And it’s now lost on you.
From the dark room,
You’ve lost sight of the Day.

Your eyes are now clouded
By Shame.
And, the world’s a reflection;
A Game
You see what you see,
And develope a story.
The title of which
Is, Blame.

Stop Complaining. It’s OK

Catch yourself complaining.
Stop it! ASAP.
Perspective is a privilege,
And response-ability.

You’re in charge of you,
And of-what to make if things;
Not in-control of others,
Nor of-what life brings.

Step outside.
Relax. Just chill.
Feel the breeze and sun.
Life’s not all about the grind.
You should be having fun (too).

We all get swept away;
Pulled throughout the day.
Just remember, you’re in charge
Of all the things you say.

Is how you see the world.
Stop, and Be awhile.
Slow down and trust
That you are fine.
Practice your own smile.

This is dedicated to my beautiful Gram who taught me to smile and keep my shoulders back; a great lesson of awareness and posture;
A reminder to check myself along the way; to say to myself, it’s ok.

To the Little Ones

Put yourself out there.
I got your back.
It’s good to explore.
It’s also-ok to relax.

I’ll continue to teach you
While looking ahead.
Hoping you’ve heard me,
And the things that I’ve said.

May you walk with healthy fear,
And awareness.
May you be guided by our angels,
That are with us, to protect us.
May you enjoy life, and explore limits; push yourself, embrace change and the discomfort thst comes with it.
Trust and believe in yourself.
Fear not failure;
Know it as progress along your way.

You’ll always be ok,
Right where you are.
Do what you want, but never put it above your responsibility to be good and kind to others.
Be for the greater good.
Find peace within yourself, and know yourself above money and things.
Keep it simple.
Be about Love.


I recall a game that i was a part of, at an overnight camp when i was 12 years old.
Among roughly 20 kids, we were told that the day’s lesson was around self-awareness.
Our Leader told us that he would only respond to good, or necessary questions. And, that we were to behave from a mindset of, speak less. And, think before you ask a question. Do you know the answer, or is it really a question that needs to be asked?
Today, i consider the value of that exercise, and i categorize it within the concept of non-reaction.

Think about it, as you move on from this post.
For the sake of trying something different, spend some time just as an observer of your thoughts.
See what’s coming up that’s compelling you to act; to do something. To say something to someone. To write someone, etc…
And, just don’t.
Stop yourself from doing it.
Aside from the things you “need” to do today… just don’t.
Consider it a day of non-reaction.
If you’re engaged in conversation with those around you… at the very least… slow down. Take an extra pause or two in your responses.
Same goes if you’re around children.
Slow down.
There’s a good lesson for you to pass along to them.

Hope for Us

When I wish you weren’t the way you are,
I fortify my walls.
Can’t seem to change the way you are.
You’re meant to walk my halls.

My doors are locked.
You can’t come in.
My signs all read, No Rant.

Wish I could be
More like you want,
But this is me. I can’t.

Stuck without the answers.
Trapped inside our minds.
All but hopeless that things will change.
May love shine through the blinds.


Last night, just as i was deciding to call it a night, I looked up and saw a giant cloud that was the shape of a heart. I thought, this is the universe sending me a message.

I had been thinking about peace and love, and heaven and hell. I was thinking that everyone knows these things in their own way, and that it must be relative to experience.

When i consider the peace I’ve experienced I think of it in terms of having come through unbelievable loss. When i think of the love I know, I think about my family that showed up the day i lost my parents.
And, when i think of that day in terms of a living hell, i know that love was there too; that i didn’t consciously realize it at the time.

So why can’t this be heaven? Right here and now? Why should i not be experiencing and sharing pure peace and love right now?

I think a-lot about perspective, and i think that we really are too often sweating the small stuff.
And, I think we’re too often failing to appreciate what’s here and what we have.

How do you feel right now? Do you have aches and pains in your body? Do you feel anxious about something? Stressed?
Whatever’s going on, take the time to be with yourself. Sit with yourself. Give yourself space. Be still with yourself, and just breathe. Trust yourself. Your body is wired to heal. Allow it to, and believe in the process.
Get your mind right! Make a practice of letting thoughts go. Things are better than they may seem.


Not for rant
Is like, not for rent.
We’re talking bout head-space,
And,finding peace; take a hint.

Notice your thoughts.
Take charge of your mind.
Be open to love,
And have hope we will find…

A better world
And realized dreams;
Understanding that shit,
Is not what it seems.

That behind all the noise
And pain that we know,
We’re wired to heal,
And we’re built to grow.

Like a light we can’t see.
We must trust that it’s there.
Fight the good fight.
It’s the path to Aware.

May we all find the peace, love, and joy that is within us.

See the good in yourself and in others.


Coming Back to Myself

How can I be happy and at peace if I’m feeding stories about the way (I think) things are?

This morning i caught myself in that game that many of us are familiar with in marriage; the game where we’re keeping score relative to chores. If you’re a parent who has or has had little ones, then you know it’s a seemingly, never-ending mess of toys, dishes, laundry, schedules, etc…

So, my wife was off getting her hair done. Nails, were the next stop. I was at home with the kids, feeding them, doing dishes, laundry, picking up, and mowing the lawn. I found myself thinking, she’ll come home and will notice everything I haven’t done. I found myself preparing a defense for an encounter.  I found myself thinking negatively of her, and for what? And, i was the one stewing in my own mind… so i let it go… but not before thinking something nice of her; I’m glad she’s off getting her hair and nails done. She deserves it. She’s a hard working mom.

I then put my focus into mowing the lawn, and the wonderful sounds of Simon and Garfunkel.  I was at peace within myself.

With yourself

Do you ever find yourself thinking(?)… I’m not thinking about anything.  And, with that, you feel like you should be thinking about something?

I’m sitting outside by myself.  It’s the end of June, and the Wilmington, NC night is just filled with sounds; crickets, frogs, cicadas, and other insects that I’ve never taken the time to know.  They’re loud!

Maybe the volume helps me to just listen and to think less. Sound does have a way of distracting our minds.  Like when you’re trying to do something and there’s noise around you.  It can be difficult to focus, right?

Funny that we’re often so focused on certain things (like work), and we’re so busy, while trying to drown out the noise and distractions around us.  And yet, meditation teaches us to sit still, in quiet, while noticing and being at peace with the sounds around us.  Seems ironic.


What comes to mind?

What comes to your mind when you wake up in the morning?  Is it pretty much the same thing day in and day out? Related to your routine, but with layers of good and bad things that are ever changing? Things that come with more or less weight? Things that are energizing, or that can be draining? Things that worry you or that may give you hope?

Whatever is going on in your life, consider that you have some control; control of yourself and of your behavior. So, take notice of how you feel and of what you’re thinking about when you wake up. Maybe set your alarm 5 or 10 minutes early. The point should be clear. Don’t get swept up by your thoughts when you wake. Take control of them.

Try starting the morning with a smile, and the statement, I’m lucky to be alive. Simple, right?  Next, just take a few, nice, deep breaths, while checking in with your body to see how you’re feeling. You could even then stand and take a minute or two stretching your arms and legs.

I assure you, this routine will go a long way for your well being. Hope it helps.