Taking the Bait

You wanna turn back the clock.
You-regret what you said.
But you can’t change the past.
You gotta put it to bed.

You wanna make things right.
You can’t let it be.
You should sleep on it.
Then see how you see.

Let the emotion die down.
Then you-can-decide.
You’re seeking forgiveness,
But you’re still dealing with pride.

So you give it some time.
It was the right thing to do.
You gave yourself space
So to think things through.

This helped with perpective.
And, it’s received as sincere.
The one you hurt
Says, it’s ok, dear.

You feel relieved.
It’s a weight off your mind.
Moving forward
You’ll be more kind…

Until it happens again,
Which it will for sure.
We’re all just like fish,
That can’t help bite the lure.


Thinkin of goin to the pool
To just chill for a minute.
You can’t.
It’s Wednesday.
You’re totally in it;

The nine to five.
Gettin it done.
Workin towards Friday,
While I’m out in the sun.

Just sayin’,
That’s where I am;
Unemployed now.
It’s part of my plan.

I’m enjoying my time,
Away from employed.
Soakin’ it in.
Far from annoyed.

This time will end.
I’ll be back at work,
But not with the mindset
That the weekend’s a perk.

Where I’m dreading Monday,
And don’t want to be there.
Led by fools,
Who can’t show they care.

I know what I want now,
And i won’t compromise.
Not here to climb someone’s ladder,
Nor to chase their prize.

I’ll be with good people,
Where I can feel whole.
Not here just for money,
And-to-play-along in-some-role.


I know what it’s not.
I’ve seen it first hand.
New guy comes in.
Says, this is my band.

And, Whatever you’ve done,
It’s all gunna change.
You’re a number
That I’ll rearrange.

Giant ego.
No personal skill.
Just wants yes-men,
And to hear, I will.

And condescending.
Lacking context.
Trying to will what comes next.

More worried about
How he looks,
Lost on him
Are the history books.

Never saw
The way things are.
He slowed our progress.
He became like tar.

Total mess.
Covered in buzz words,
Like, We’re playing chess;

A game he knows
Is lost on most.
He plays the king.
He likes to boast.

Lost on him…
The people’s voice.
And that they
Always have a choice,

To follow him,
And get on board.
Or, to not buy in.
In which case he’s ignored.

And, talked about.
Behind his back;
Sad state of affairs;
A total hack.

A fraud. A fake.
He never fits in.
One day he’ll be gone.
Then it’s time to begin…

Again, with a new leader.

To Stay or Go

What will I miss,
If-I-do, or-I-don’t?
Maybe I should.
Maybe I won’t.

Not-sure what to do,
But I need to decide.
I can stay here,
Or go-along for the ride.

If I go
It may be fun.
If I stay,
I’ll get things done.

I could flip a coin,
It’s a total toss-up.
If I stay,
I could go for a run.

I-could-be productive,
Or lay around,
In the bed,
Or on the ground.

I can do whatever,
But nothing calls,
So maybe I should go.

Yep. I’ll stay.
No. I should go.
Man this is tough.
I just don’t know.

I’m tired of thinking.
I need to decide.
I guess that I’ll just go.

Stiff Necked

Have you heard this term before?
In the bible, God describes us as this; stiff necked. What does it mean to you? There are many interpretations.

One thing is clear. He sees it as a negative. I believe it speaks to a state of getting stuck; staring and contemplating, if not obsessing… if not holding someone(s) or something in mind. I believe stiff necked can take many forms, but all negative in relation to right being.

The opposite, I imagine it, being along the lines of non-attachment.

I’m sure most of us, to some degree, have experienced different states of mind throughout our days.
Therr are times when my mind is hard at work, looking for answers, or assuring myself that I’m understanding things correctly, like my views of people or situations.
In these times i find myself overly sensative if not insecure.
Imagine being at a party where you don’t know anyone. It can be uncomfortable, right?
Do you ever find yourself absorbing other people’s behavior? Ever feel tight or frustrated with someone that’s very negative?
Think of the opposite now.
A geeling of being free, and at peace, where others don’t bother you. Their words and behavior seem to happen completely outside of you.
You’re aware. You observe everything, but you’re unaffected.
You don’t feel the same sense of responsibilitiy for people, and you’re not having to justify yourself. You do though feel connected with them; just very comforyable with yourself.

Spend some time with this idea with self awareness.
Ask yourself?
Am i stewing about something?
If so, let it go.
Find a mantra of peace.

Check your focus.
Are you stiff necked?