Your resting bitch face
Has moved from dormant to active.
Now it’s scary;
Not-just unattractive.

Red with anger;
Sight set on me.
I wish that you
Could just let me be.

If not, please speak,
In a much calmer voice.
But, it’s not your fault;
You-say you’ve no choice.

Like you’ve the right to behave
The way you do.
Like, you just can’t help it.
As-in… I made you.

That’s a tough way to live;
No control of emotion.
You must feel like a dingy,
And that life is an ocean.

Healing Your Inner Child

Like an internal grind-stone;
My ring of fire.
I dance alone with shame;
As well, with desire.

I’m a reflection of strife,
Of pain, and found joy.
But, inside I pace.
As I’m protecting a boy.

Long ago wounded
He still calls out.
When I forget about him…
That’s when he’ll shout.

My inner-child
Was left behind.
As I grew up,
He’s served to remind;

“Guard yourself”.
“Loss will come”
“My Dad didn’t care
That I was his son”.

“Everyone’s selfish”.
“We’re all alone”.
“Come hide with me”.
“We’re not really grown”.

Coming Out of Yourself

Shifting focus;
There are things I must do.
Priorities call;
Each one new.

Moving into-the-moment
I put aside where I was.
I take what will serve me,
While I question what does.

Whatever I’m doing
I’m aware of the feeling;
Minding energy;
Pushing the ceiling.

Owning my way.
Dealing with rooms;
Knowing the players,
And who uses brooms.

Sweeping-truth under-rug;
Is where we walk.
I’ll not ignore it.
I’m one who will talk.

It’s why I write;
To-reach the-birds in a cage.
I know of your silence.
I know of your rage.

I can let you out.
I have the key.
But you’ve gotta fly
If you wanna be free.

I’ve touched your voice,
Because-I-heard you calling.
I need your help.
To fight for those falling.

We’ve gotta fix cracks,
And call out the holes.
Too many, content…
Accepting their roles…

Quiet desperation;
Trapped on the inside;
Alone with our screams.
We call for a guide…

To help us out,
So to help ourelves grow;
Willing and able.
Like arrow needs bow.

Please don’t-leave-this alone.
As this poem now ends.
Tend to your fire,
And share it with friends…

And with strangers too;
Everyone you see.
Becoming yourself
Is the path to be free.

Inspire others.
Live beyond where you are now;
Giving more too yourself and of yourself, for the greater good;
One breath and one step at a time.

Get in the Game

Moving onto the next thing;
Continuation of past.
I look to the future;
Like with fishing, I cast.

I thow out a line,
With hope for a bite.
There-are-no guarantees.
There’s no wrong or right.

And, sometimes you catch em.
Sometimes you don’t.
One thing’s for sure;
If you don’t try, you won’t.

Get focused on JOURNEY.
Enjoy the TRY.
Emersed in the task.
Not worried about why…

Or, why not…
Because you’ve set an intention.
And, behavior like this,
Is what leads to invention;

Not of product nor service,
But discovery within;
Change in your sight,
And the chance to begin;

Again, or something different.
We use what we learn.
See through failure.
It’s just a sign that says, turn.

And, move on. Move forward.
Get up. Try again.
Or, try something else,
But the effort’s the win.

And, it’s usually the case,
That-the-first-steps are hard.
But, it’s you with the hand.
You-must play the card.

While the deck may seem stacked,
And that others want-you to-lose.
It’s not up to them;
You-alone must choose.

So, get in the game.
At least you’ll have played.
Bet on yourself.
If not, you’ll have stayed…

The same.

A Little Change Can Go a Long Way

You find a minute to breath.
What do you do?
Do you take time for yourself?
Why-not-try something new?

Explore something different.
Think of habit
Time slips away
Unless you focus and grab it..

And, work on perspective.
You’ve got the whole day.
Try starting earlier.
Wake up and pray.

“Thank God I’m alive”.
Then, practice your smile.
Then, come back to that
Every once in a while.

Little things like this
Can change your way.
It’s about routine and practice
Throughout every day.

Just the Way it is

You move from angry to angry.
You snap on a dime;
Struggling to enjoy
What should be a good time.

Blaming others.
Pointing out what’s wrong.
Holding on
To a sorrowful song…

That I know as, your past.
Where you feel you were cheated.
But, you’re repeating the story,
Which leaves others depleated…

Negativity reigns.
Poor me thought.
The glass is half empty.
That’s where you are caught.

And, I can’t see it changing.
You-don’t see-it like-this.
Perhaps what I see
Are the things that you miss.

And vice versa.

Walk with Balance

For me to relate
I put myself in your place;
Step into your shoes;
Run in your race.

As we-talk it’s clear –
Your shoes are too tight.
Your soles reveal pressure;
Worn down by your fight;

Your struggle within,
Which you carry as weight.
It effects your balance
As well as your gait.

Just check your footprints;
The tracks behind you.
They’re proof of your way,
And the things that you do.