Coyote at the Edge

Within and beyond the fence.

At the edge of the forest I stand, in part.

Confused by where I stand.

Confused about where I’ve been, and unsure of where I’m going.

Trusting though enough in myself and in life; believing that I am safe and will find my way into the light; be it the open field, where I’m exposed, or through the forest; uncertain and often dark where hope is not a guarantee; where return is not a given.

Loving Me Moment

As I read these words,

I’m finding peace.

Inner me. Distractions cease.

The noise around me fades away.

This time’s for me, and so I pray:

May this focus, here and now,

Calm me later; show me how,

To be with peace, when I am low,

And to understand, to learn to grow.

I may not get it right away.

Some lessons come another day.

I will find peace with steps ahead.

That is my choice. May I be led…

By my will and by my guiding spirits;

With Love

We see what we want

You can believe what you want,

But it is what it is.

You see what you want. But it’s truth that will live.

If you can’t be sure, then it might not be fact.

But, you stand to lose, so you choose to attack.

You’re wanting an outcome to play-out in your favor, but if you can’t keep it real…karma comes later…

Which is when you’ll admit it; that you had it wrong. And, then what? Too late? That moment’s now gone.

So what do ya do? Can you make things right?

Lesson learned? Will you change overnight?

It’s like the stars. They don’t go away.

You think they’re gone. They’re just outta sight for the day.

Like the light you can’t see, but that’s always been there. If you happen to see it, then you’re becoming aware.

Hell Can Be Behind You

Here to write, for right, and to paint pictures for you. True layers; impressions; confessions, to open us up. For you.

See. We’re not bad. Sad though the way we’re behaving. An act. A fact, and if you can see it, you can be beyond the BS. Then rest, and dream big, knowing life and the fight and the let-go and it slows down, to the moment. Shown it, the parts are clear. It’s black and white, but golden. Now, you’re not holdin. It flows through you.

So you shape. Shift. With. It. Accepting. Observing. Absurdity…. is what we carry, from there to here. Hear it. Now. Clearer and clearer.

It’s the bell. And hell will be behind you.

You’ve known. The chime that comes and goes. That distant sound that calls just you.