Ways and Ways

Seems-like most-answers lie-within.
Yet, many seem to hide.
Only-to-be revealed-in-time.
As-if they serve as guide.

Coming through;
Completes the circle;
Once we’ve walked a trail.
Not always ours;
Assisting others;
An interwoven tale.

Just Say, Yes.

Why wouldn’t you go?
What’s there to lose?
Not up for it?
Just can’t choose?

Whatever the reasons,
Start saying, yes.
Drop the excuses.
Don’t second-guess.

Make it a habit.
Just say yes more.
Think of each chance
As you think of a door.

If you never walk through,
You’ll never know.
If you don’t try things out,
Then how can you grow?

Break the routine.
Just say, I will.
Because it won’t be that long
Till you’re “over the hill”.

The Point of No Return

What’s the point,
Of No Return?
How’d ya read it?
What’d ya learn?

What do ya hold?
Can’t let go?
Worth the weight
As you grow old?

If now is right
In front of you,
And we have choice
In what we do,

Then choose to move
Into the light.
The point is not
To prove you’re right.

See? Drop the story;
Move along.
Feed the past
Then-makes you wrong.

Non reaction
Is the way.
It’ll help you to
Enjoy the day.

Try it out;
It’s, Don’t Feed In.
Catch yourself
When you begin.

You take the bait
If you should stay.
It’s better to
Just walk away,

Better and Better

Let-life come to you,
As with cat to your lap;
Else you’re lost in the issues
Where each story’s a trap.

How do we do it?
Our eyes must adjust.
They’ve been locked in a tunnel;
It takes-time to-learn trust.

Where do we start?
Well, right here and now.
Just let your eyes wander.
Don’t worry about how?

Of course you wonder,
But your mind’s in your way.
Let your thoughts go
To become one with the day.

May we find peace with the way things are.

Long Gone. Still Here.

Same ol thing.
Same place.
Same pain.
Wish you were here.

Got lost in movin on.
Longest trip there’s ever been.
Never ends
Unril it does, and then I’ll know…

If I can be with you again.

If so,
Will I remember how it was?

Will i feel what i felt?
I wonder.

And, where will we go from there?

Wonder if it will end.

Wonder if i
Will lose you again.

I know I’ll keep wondering til then.

Where We Are

1. We go as we like it.
2. We see differently.
3. I’m a part of your story
a. Just as you are for me.

As with personal space?
Check yourself at the door.
I know of my own house.
Show respect. Know the lore?

Know where you are?
Know where we come from?
We’re-all-from the-same-place;
The King and the Bum.


Imagination’s a gift.
It’s ThinkingAhead.
It’s a-combination of leading,
And of being Led.

Individual, yet team sport,
While for-others, we do.
Hard-work is collective.
There-is “I”-in-“You”.

Doing right, and-trusting-process;
Built by those from the past,
Is a privilege and blessing.
The-possibilities are vast.

When we’re believing in self,
And we’re trusting in others.
We’re an-unstoppable-force;
Acting-as-sister’s and brothers.

We’re ThinkingAhead,
And we’ve already won;
Getting better and better,
And it’s just begun.

We,ve been planning success,
And we’re playing the part.
Founded from love
Led by our heart.