Your resting bitch face
Has moved from dormant to active.
Now it’s scary;
Not-just unattractive.

Red with anger;
Sight set on me.
I wish that you
Could just let me be.

If not, please speak,
In a much calmer voice.
But, it’s not your fault;
You-say you’ve no choice.

Like you’ve the right to behave
The way you do.
Like, you just can’t help it.
As-in… I made you.

That’s a tough way to live;
No control of emotion.
You must feel like a dingy,
And that life is an ocean.

Walk with Balance

For me to relate
I put myself in your place;
Step into your shoes;
Run in your race.

As we-talk it’s clear –
Your shoes are too tight.
Your soles reveal pressure;
Worn down by your fight;

Your struggle within,
Which you carry as weight.
It effects your balance
As well as your gait.

Just check your footprints;
The tracks behind you.
They’re proof of your way,
And the things that you do.

The Illusions From Boundaries

What about your dreams?
I-wake with a feeling,
Which can impact my thoughts,
Like walls and a ceiling.

My gut says we’re guided,
By forces unseen.
Make sense to you?
Do you know what I mean?

How can’t one wonder?
Why would you not?
As far as we know
This-is-the-one life we’ve got.

Don’t know where we come from.
Don’t know where we’ll go.
There’s no one around you
That can say that they know.

Enter-Religions and Science,
Government, and Law.
Everywhere boundaries;
Ones that we draw.

Lines that we’ve made,
But with who in mind?
For the greater good?
Who’s left behind?

Staking claims;
The way it will be.
As-with the birth
Of democracy.

Brings me to beauty;
Said to be on the inside.
The very place
Our Leaders hide;

While holding a flag
And asking for buy in;
Hidden agendas
Perfectly tie in.

Woven in
To the fabric of freedom.
Sacrificing lives (military),
We’re taught that we need em.

Thank God for all of it;
The way that it is.
Have peace in knowing
That you’re a child of His.

And, that everything is happening for a reason; a reason beyond our wildest dreams.

Family Master’s Tickets (Badges)

Hey, Pop Pops.
About your Master’s tix.
I’d love to go next Year (’19).

Please understand
This comes to you
With some amount of Fear.

Not fear in asking.
I’m comfortable taking that Chance.
Rather, fear of missing out
On Tiger’s comeback-win Dance.

I’d be taking Oliver (Pop Pop’s grandson, 7)
There’s a chance he’ll get Bored.
But, he’ll never forget
Those few-times the crowd Roared.

Pristine grounds.
In a class all its own.
The world’s best golfers;
The stars and unknown.

Pimento cheese sandwiches;
Ridiculously Cheap.
The hush before shots
When you hear not a Peep.

But, most of all,
Time for Father and Son.
Will you give this to us?
It would mean a Ton.

I do struggle in asking.
Your badges? Like Gold.
I know what they’re worth.
I know what you Hold.

I know they are few,
And just-once every Spring.
Please give it some thought,
And then give me a Ring.

Those pine trees are calling
The azaleas are Too.
Please do this for Oli,
And also for You.


The rain has past
So i go back outside,
To sit with the night;
To find peace inside.

Drawn to alone,
My ears need some rest.
They’ve had their fill.
They did there best.

But, now they need quiet
At the end of the day.
They took all they could
Of the stuff others say.

So many stories.
Blah, blah, blah.
My-ears can literally hurt.
They can feel like they’re raw.

Why-can’t folks-be-quiet?
They just have to talk.
“Uh, I gotta go.
Would you look at the clock”.

Unbelievable non-sense.
Painful sound.
“Would you please wait to speak
Until I’m not around”?

Silly Shorts 4

You can’t see the tree,
Yet still you care.
The wall’s blocking your view,
But you know that it’s there.

You grab a ladder,
And climb to the top,
But you can’t get over.
It’s too-far of a drop.

So, you climb back down
And grab some rope.
But, it’s too short.
You begin to lose hope.

You start to cry…
And then you get mad…
So you get a sledgehammer
That you borrow from Dad.

But, it’s way too heavy.
You’re just too small.
“What else can I use
To break-through this wall”?

You-run-back to-dad’s-workshop.
You grab a hammer and-drill.
You think, “if one doesn’t work,
The other one will”.

But, neither tool works.
You can’t break through.
You couldn’t climb over.
What will you do?!

You think and think,
But you just don’t know.
You feel like quitting,
But you don’t want to-go.

You nearly give up.
“This wall is too big”!
But, right at that moment…
“I got it! I’ll dig”!

You grab the shovel
As quick as you can.
You’re proud of yourself.
You have a plan!

And, it works!
You’re now with the tree.
You look up in the branches.
It’s what you were hoping to see!

Your cat!

You get her down safely,
Which isn’t too tough,
Compared to the wall.
“Boy that was rough”!

Light Allows us to See Contrast

Without much light,
Mostly darkness,
I am able to see outlines
Through some contrast.
The detail is lost on me,

Ive learned, things are as they are regardless of how i see them.

A tree is a tree in the day and the night. My view of the tree in darkness and in light doesn’t change what is. The tree appears more beautiful when there is light.
I don’t recognize its beauty when it is dark.

So what about this as a parallel to how we see others?

There’s some fluctuation i imagine for all of us, but think about seeing others in a positive and negative light.

Don’t diminish someone to an outline (a view in darkness), while thinking of yourself in a positive light.

I realize it’s hard not to sometimes, especially when others aren’t holding themselves or you in a positive light.

The answer / right action may lie in non-reaction and in non-attachment.
Focus on yourself. Don’t get stuck / caught up in someone else’s darkness. Be an observer, not one that reacts.

Be still. Practice compassion.
See the good in others