Not for Rant

Think about this website / domain. Not for Rant.

I imagine a Not for Rent property sign in front of a house. What if you had a Not for Rant sign on you? A message to people that you’re not interested in their ranting. It wouldn’t stop everyone that enters your space, but it could help.

Try noticing how often ranting is the summary of your communication with others and/or what others are doing / saying. It’s all to often that I find myself with others that are complaining or talking about someone or something in a negative way. It’s exhausting, and disappointing.

Try noticing too if the words are about something that already happened (the past).

Ive noticed that people are often stuck in the past. Think about your mindset. Are your encounters ones where you’re in the moment such that you’re appreciating the moment and life and what’s here and in front of you? Are you holding others in a positive light? Or, are you holding something against someone(s)?

Holding on to something or holding something against others only hurts you. Think about it. Get your mind right. Focus on you and what you want to be doing, and don’t allow negative people or situations to rent space in your head.

Thinkin Man

I let it out when I’m up and scoopin’.

Bend and scoop.


C’mon. Where we goin’? Whatever you say.

How it is. See. Free fallin’.

And what about the trees?! What she said,

Is right cuz it is. You weren’t there.

Just right. Just so…

Joe here.

Frequency. Light raining. All light. Not wet.

Just goes like that. Just Joe,

Tryin to bring it. Give it. And get with it,

At the same time. Stuck. Fuck…

Followin. Strugglin’. For you.

For you, babe. Hear me. Down here. Tears.

My fears. And shame. Same.

I can only see the light,

When I can. And it keeps comin back…


For us.

Philosohy 101?

As I see it.

We (all) live in a state of meditation. Many (if not most) don’t recognize it; they’re unaware of this reality. Many don’t know about meditation. Many others don’t understand it and tell themselves, I don’t know how to meditate, or, I’ve tried and it’s too difficult and/or, I don’t have the time or patients (discipline).

I believe it accurate to say that many, consciously believe that there exists this place called enlightenment, and that it’s unachievable. Therefore, by default, we’re seeing ourselves in a negative light, and confined to an existence that will never be what it could be. Most reconcile with resignation, and seek comfort; an ignorance is bliss kind of existence.

I suggest, we’re all always in some state of meditation, and that we’re all breathing, as we are, more or less aware of our breath, while engaged in one activity or another. We’re all more or less aware of ourselves, of our surroundings, and of what we’re doing, and why we’re doing it… And how our actions are affecting ourselves, those around us, as well as the organizations and systems we’re a part of.

What then are our foundational beliefs and perspectives? What is our purpose? What are our plans? How in control of ourselves (our body and mind) are we?

Check out Napoleon Hill if you’re not familiar with him. He’s said some pretty meaningful and profound things as it relates to the human condition and our experiences, and our bodies and minds.

I share this with the belief in self and in the collective, with the hope for progress…and that we collectively move towards a better understanding of progress. Leaders, of all shapes and sizes, everywhere, need to step up, and to hold themselves and others accountable for standing for what’s right. Too many are caught, aware of it or not, going through motions that are beneath right living, and proper spirit. It’s all around us. Ironically, I think our answer for ourselves in response to, I’ll never be enlightened, is to tell ourselves, I’m present. And, I’m in the moment. However, you can’t be in the moment if you don’t know the moment. It is what it is? Nope. It’s not. We all have different ideas of what it is, but we won’t admit to ourselves that we’re only so perceptive and only so aware of our reality; the make up of the present moment.


Work in Progress

Pushed and yet trapped

Is the way we all know.

Tend to awareness

If your hope is to grow.


See life like a symphony.

Conductor or not,

You’re playing a part.

Your stance is your lot.


See-how folks are moving

And reacting to things.

How do they handle

What life takes and brings?


There’s a chorus and choir,

Instruments common, and new,

Players all over.

They’re mixed-up about you.


Unsure of themselves

And unsure of their place

They can’t see the truth;

Their own tail’s what they chase.


So YOU decide

To see what is here.

But you can’t know the moment

If you don’t know your fear.


You can’t know the present

Without knowing the past.

And, you can’t catch the future

If you’re unwilling to cast.


You can’t be in the moment,

Not with what it can be…

If the past holds you down,

You’re unable to see (clearly).

Coyote at the Edge

Within and beyond the fence.

At the edge of the forest I stand, in part.

Confused by where I stand.

Confused about where I’ve been, and unsure of where I’m going.

Trusting though enough in myself and in life; believing that I am safe and will find my way into the light; be it the open field, where I’m exposed, or through the forest; uncertain and often dark where hope is not a guarantee; where return is not a given.

Loving Me Moment

As I read these words,

I’m finding peace.

Inner me. Distractions cease.

The noise around me fades away.

This time’s for me, and so I pray:

May this focus, here and now,

Calm me later; show me how,

To be with peace, when I am low,

And to understand, to learn to grow.

I may not get it right away.

Some lessons come another day.

I will find peace with steps ahead.

That is my choice. May I be led…

By my will and by my guiding spirits;

With Love

We see what we want

You can believe what you want,

But it is what it is.

You see what you want. But it’s truth that will live.

If you can’t be sure, then it might not be fact.

But, you stand to lose, so you choose to attack.

You’re wanting an outcome to play-out in your favor, but if you can’t keep it real…karma comes later…

Which is when you’ll admit it; that you had it wrong. And, then what? Too late? That moment’s now gone.

So what do ya do? Can you make things right?

Lesson learned? Will you change overnight?

It’s like the stars. They don’t go away.

You think they’re gone. They’re just outta sight for the day.

Like the light you can’t see, but that’s always been there. If you happen to see it, then you’re becoming aware.