I try to unplug from my story,
But I find the dark
And I hear Lori.

I let you touch me,
And I feel my pain.
I’m tight and guarded;
Prepared for rain.

And so i breath;
Perspective open.
I try to leave the guilt,
Like token
That i picked up
Along the way
And held.
It’s in me now;

A part of me
That i can’t let go of.

So here i am,
Figuring out how to give
Of myself;
To be fully present,
While holding the past,
And while framing the future
That i see as right,

As others have expectations of me;
Different from how i see myself,

I can’t help but feed in;
Reacting in the moment
With resistance,
As i reassure myself that i am right.

Managing self
And finding peace;
Allowing life to be as it is.

Much work to do.
I try my best to enjoy the journey,
While wondering what I’ve learned,
And where i should be headed.
Seems a deeper part of me knows
And is in control.

Allow Life to be Good

What’s your mindset
As your children grow?

When’s it time
For the swing set to go?

Memories pop out,
Within the routine.
Just as hope for their future
Comes-from that which you’ve seen.

Finding space for ourselves,
While connected with all;
Stepping away,
While minding the call;

The call to be there;
To-help show-them the-way;
We’re guarding our children,
While letting them play.

We come back to presence
Amidst the-waves of perspective.
Juggling their freedom,
While being corrective.

Keen to serve.
Setting the stage
Imparting knowledge
Of joy and of rage.

To protect and to guard
From others and self,
Knowing life can be hard.

So now, take a deep breath.
Keep it simple. Be true.
Have faith in the Lord.
Life is good as are you.

Identify distraction and get it out of the Plan.

Feeling frustrated?
Now stop. Soak it in.
Take a deep breath,
And then do it again.

Everything’s fine.
You’re gunna turn off your mind.
Now. There we are.
What did you find?

Not sure? I’ll tell you.
You connected with you.
Present moment;
More of what’s true.

So, give yourself credit.
Things just aren’t that bad.
You had expectations,
And then you got mad.

Whatever it is,
You’re better-off to let-go.
Frustration becomes distraction
Trust me. I know.

Take control of your time,
And do what you can.
Trust in yourself,
And stick to your plan.

Coming Out of Yourself

Shifting focus;
There are things I must do.
Priorities call;
Each one new.

Moving into-the-moment
I put aside where I was.
I take what will serve me,
While I question what does.

Whatever I’m doing
I’m aware of the feeling;
Minding energy;
Pushing the ceiling.

Owning my way.
Dealing with rooms;
Knowing the players,
And who uses brooms.

Sweeping-truth under-rug;
Is where we walk.
I’ll not ignore it.
I’m one who will talk.

It’s why I write;
To-reach the-birds in a cage.
I know of your silence.
I know of your rage.

I can let you out.
I have the key.
But you’ve gotta fly
If you wanna be free.

I’ve touched your voice,
Because-I-heard you calling.
I need your help.
To fight for those falling.

We’ve gotta fix cracks,
And call out the holes.
Too many, content…
Accepting their roles…

Quiet desperation;
Trapped on the inside;
Alone with our screams.
We call for a guide…

To help us out,
So to help ourelves grow;
Willing and able.
Like arrow needs bow.

Please don’t-leave-this alone.
As this poem now ends.
Tend to your fire,
And share it with friends…

And with strangers too;
Everyone you see.
Becoming yourself
Is the path to be free.

Inspire others.
Live beyond where you are now;
Giving more too yourself and of yourself, for the greater good;
One breath and one step at a time.

A Little Change Can Go a Long Way

You find a minute to breath.
What do you do?
Do you take time for yourself?
Why-not-try something new?

Explore something different.
Think of habit
Time slips away
Unless you focus and grab it..

And, work on perspective.
You’ve got the whole day.
Try starting earlier.
Wake up and pray.

“Thank God I’m alive”.
Then, practice your smile.
Then, come back to that
Every once in a while.

Little things like this
Can change your way.
It’s about routine and practice
Throughout every day.

Stop Worrying

Let’s think of the present.
The moment; right now.
We all hold the past.
The question is, how?

We all look to the future.
So, what do you hold?
Fear and stress
About getting old?

Retirement? Death?
What do you feel,
As you sit here and ponder?
Is your mind like a wheel?

Spinning in circles?
Thoughts pull you away
From the time that you have.
We just have today.

So, let those thoughts go;
The stress from the worry.
It’s ok to relax.
We’re not in a hurry.

Just go to your feeling.
That’s what’s real.
Touch your pain.
That’s how you’ll heal.

That’s how you’ll find peace;
How you’ll get with the now.
Just go to the feeling.
I know you know how.

Try This…

Your eyes are closed.
With your breath you’re aware.
Inside of yourself,
Your mind starts to stare.

There are things around you;
Objects and people.
What are you thinking of others?
Let’s call it the we-pull.

As in, you’ve a place.
You control who you are.
Are you seeing short-sided,
Or do you see far?

Do you feel trapped
While your eyes are shut?
What do you feel
In your chest and your gut.

It’s from here; from within,
Where-we can find peace.
Beware what you hold.
It can be like a lease.

From the illusion
Of control;
From ego, not soul.
Know your true voice,
And be sure of your role.

And, see through your fears;
That they come with the walls.
You gotta open the doors,
And walk down the halls…

With the peace that you find from within.