Not Just Two Worlds

This world is a shit show,

And it’s led by shit leaders.

But this life is amazing

Once we take off our readers.

For our eyes become lazy,

And our sight becomes blurred.

But within and with darkness

We’ll step outside of the herd.


Into the light where we can see clearly, Now.

Blurry. Clarity.

Behind us. Around us. Outside. Within.

The tale, the tiger’s yet one of sin.

To touch it, dizzy. Scared, we run.

Doctor’s order.

Father. Son.

Begun. Beginning. Ending now.

We tell ourselves we don’t know how.

Confused yet sure. Coyotes dance.

Angels whisper, Here’s your chance.

Egos. Titles. Pain.

We reach for our glasses

And find they’re not there.

In that moment

We see we’re aware.


So we trust in ourselves,

Though our vision is blurred.

It’s clear from within.

Our words have been slurred.

We’re Blinded by the Light.

The right path for you is black and white,

And you know it.

You’ve seen glimpses of it.

You dream of it,

Yet with the rising of each passing sun

You tell yourself you don’t deserve it.

At the heart of the matter is self-doubt and fear.

And so you think that there’s this other place,

Somewhere off into the future,

But you realize that right now is all there’s ever been and all there ever will be.

So you accept this. The divide within yourself. You dare in this moment to open yourself up; to peel back the layers and to love and accept everything within you. Now. Now you’re on the path you desire. And you’ve realized… it’s not that you’re not somewhere doing things you don’t live doing. You’re doing exactly what you’ve wanted to do.


Life’s unbelievable. Truly. So unbelievable that we’re actually hiding from ourselves….because we’re all so bright and beautiful that it’s blinding, to say the least.

We Have it All.

A bucket

To sit on

When I want to sit

Is all I need.


It’s what was there.

More than I asked for.

I relaxed

So now you read.


And will have read

What I wrote…

My wish for us is presence.

Your gain. My little note.

Not for Rant

Think about this website / domain. Not for Rant.

I imagine a Not for Rent property sign in front of a house. What if you had a Not for Rant sign on you? A message to people that you’re not interested in their ranting. It wouldn’t stop everyone that enters your space, but it could help.

Try noticing how often ranting is the summary of your communication with others and/or what others are doing / saying. It’s all to often that I find myself with others that are complaining or talking about someone or something in a negative way. It’s exhausting, and disappointing.

Try noticing too if the words are about something that already happened (the past).

Ive noticed that people are often stuck in the past. Think about your mindset. Are your encounters ones where you’re in the moment such that you’re appreciating the moment and life and what’s here and in front of you? Are you holding others in a positive light? Or, are you holding something against someone(s)?

Holding on to something or holding something against others only hurts you. Think about it. Get your mind right. Focus on you and what you want to be doing, and don’t allow negative people or situations to rent space in your head.

Thinkin Man

I let it out when I’m up and scoopin’.

Bend and scoop.


C’mon. Where we goin’? Whatever you say.

How it is. See. Free fallin’.

And what about the trees?! What she said,

Is right cuz it is. You weren’t there.

Just right. Just so…

Joe here.

Frequency. Light raining. All light. Not wet.

Just goes like that. Just Joe,

Tryin to bring it. Give it. And get with it,

At the same time. Stuck. Fuck…

Followin. Strugglin’. For you.

For you, babe. Hear me. Down here. Tears.

My fears. And shame. Same.

I can only see the light,

When I can. And it keeps comin back…


For us.

Observe, and Reset Your Focus

Focus blurs, literally, when the mind wanders and/or when attention is paid to things. Pay attention to what’s in front of you, and stay focused on your business and your responsibilities. And, be rooted in healthy perspectives with appreciation for life.

I was just wasting time and came across a disgusting image. I wished I hadn’t seen it, but I did, and I went to a place of trying to get the image out of my mind. I noticed my eye sight and focus readjusting and coming back to an object right in front of me.

As may always be the case, we’re moving on / moving forward through time. Our focus is a reflection of our mind(s).

Exercise to consider. Simply pick something out. A plant, your dog, whatever, and just look at it. Observe it. Allow your mind to let go of whatever’on it / in it. It should only take a few seconds to become the observer. If your mind is unquiet then try finding words to describe what you’re looking at. Examples: beautiful plant. Has flowers. Green leaves.

This will help you to quiet your mind.

This, call it a form of meditation, can be used anytime. I do it throughout the day and find it helpful. If you try it… Hope it helps you too.