Your resting bitch face
Has moved from dormant to active.
Now it’s scary;
Not-just unattractive.

Red with anger;
Sight set on me.
I wish that you
Could just let me be.

If not, please speak,
In a much calmer voice.
But, it’s not your fault;
You-say you’ve no choice.

Like you’ve the right to behave
The way you do.
Like, you just can’t help it.
As-in… I made you.

That’s a tough way to live;
No control of emotion.
You must feel like a dingy,
And that life is an ocean.

Just the Way it is

You move from angry to angry.
You snap on a dime;
Struggling to enjoy
What should be a good time.

Blaming others.
Pointing out what’s wrong.
Holding on
To a sorrowful song…

That I know as, your past.
Where you feel you were cheated.
But, you’re repeating the story,
Which leaves others depleated…

Negativity reigns.
Poor me thought.
The glass is half empty.
That’s where you are caught.

And, I can’t see it changing.
You-don’t see-it like-this.
Perhaps what I see
Are the things that you miss.

And vice versa.

Walk with Balance

For me to relate
I put myself in your place;
Step into your shoes;
Run in your race.

As we-talk it’s clear –
Your shoes are too tight.
Your soles reveal pressure;
Worn down by your fight;

Your struggle within,
Which you carry as weight.
It effects your balance
As well as your gait.

Just check your footprints;
The tracks behind you.
They’re proof of your way,
And the things that you do.

Toxic Employer

A chance to think,
Outside of routine;
Outside of the box.
You know what i mean?

You’re role can become you,
As you fill a persona.
Losing sight of your true self.
Can’t-let the-greed own-ya.

A precarious spot though
For some em-ploy-ees.
Many see not
The forest from trees.

Mindless buzzwods.
Lost in roles.
The brave are the few
That’ll speak-up about holes.

But, at the risk of their job,
Most remain quiet,
To the detrement of employer,
Which-would be-served by a riot.

To clear the air,
And to pull up the rug.
So-leaders could-see,
And feel the tug;

The pull from the people.
They-feel-they’re treated as pawn.
As the king and his top-men
Pretend nothing’s wrong.

A sad, sad culture,
Where the leader is blind,
And unwilling to listen,
To those in the grind.

The Illusions From Boundaries

What about your dreams?
I-wake with a feeling,
Which can impact my thoughts,
Like walls and a ceiling.

My gut says we’re guided,
By forces unseen.
Make sense to you?
Do you know what I mean?

How can’t one wonder?
Why would you not?
As far as we know
This-is-the-one life we’ve got.

Don’t know where we come from.
Don’t know where we’ll go.
There’s no one around you
That can say that they know.

Enter-Religions and Science,
Government, and Law.
Everywhere boundaries;
Ones that we draw.

Lines that we’ve made,
But with who in mind?
For the greater good?
Who’s left behind?

Staking claims;
The way it will be.
As-with the birth
Of democracy.

Brings me to beauty;
Said to be on the inside.
The very place
Our Leaders hide;

While holding a flag
And asking for buy in;
Hidden agendas
Perfectly tie in.

Woven in
To the fabric of freedom.
Sacrificing lives (military),
We’re taught that we need em.

Thank God for all of it;
The way that it is.
Have peace in knowing
That you’re a child of His.

And, that everything is happening for a reason; a reason beyond our wildest dreams.


I know what it’s not.
I’ve seen it first hand.
New guy comes in.
Says, this is my band.

And, Whatever you’ve done,
It’s all gunna change.
You’re a number
That I’ll rearrange.

Giant ego.
No personal skill.
Just wants yes-men,
And to hear, I will.

And condescending.
Lacking context.
Trying to will what comes next.

More worried about
How he looks,
Lost on him
Are the history books.

Never saw
The way things are.
He slowed our progress.
He became like tar.

Total mess.
Covered in buzz words,
Like, We’re playing chess;

A game he knows
Is lost on most.
He plays the king.
He likes to boast.

Lost on him…
The people’s voice.
And that they
Always have a choice,

To follow him,
And get on board.
Or, to not buy in.
In which case he’s ignored.

And, talked about.
Behind his back;
Sad state of affairs;
A total hack.

A fraud. A fake.
He never fits in.
One day he’ll be gone.
Then it’s time to begin…

Again, with a new leader.