Be Yourself

This about it.
It’s how you take it.
Is how you see it,
And step forward
Can’t ignore it.
Movin on.
And holdin on,
And Not.
What it is,
To you.
Ain’t to me.
Can’t see.
That I’m beyond you.
But, in reach,
So I teach.
Ain’t wrong.
Then it’s gone,
And won’t come back.
And, you’re seen
With lack of tact,
But the fact is
You’re hacked,
So you help
The way it is,
By the way you see his.
And, more than you take-in,
You ain’t fakin
What you make of this place,
Like a race
That won’t end,
After you move on.
So you gotta leave it better
Than you found it.
You find it,
Reminded by what happened
Yet struck,
And compelled to duck
The way you are.
Far from how you perceive
They want you to be.
But you can only be yourself.


We’re all guided
By a force
That we don’t understand.
It’s not by chance
You’re reading this.
This moment has been planned.

You’ve sensed this many times.
You’ve thought,
“There must be more”.
We’re slowly waking
To the truth,
And then we’ll WANT no more.

We’ll know the way Life is.
The weight will melt away.
The world we’ve known
Will be no more.
The golden light will stay.


What did you think
Of tbe thing that you saw?
Were there conclusions
That you could draw?

Could you make it out
From where ya sat?
Do-you remember
The guy with the hat?

Takeaways? Answers?
Where are things now?
If you had to guess,
Could you tell me how?

Or, why that was
The way you thought?
Bet you could tie it
To the way you were taught.

Do ya know what i mean?
The way that it was.
As if being guided
By a particular buzz.

Hum and a click,
A chirp in the sky.
As if only you heard it,
And we all wonder why.

Because it’s just so;
Your place in this life.
We all have a back.
We’ve all taken a knife.

To the gut, to the heart,
Comes a matter of feeling;
Wounds from the past,
Forever healing,
Comes a time
Why we’ll reach
For the top of the hill,
Only to get there,
And to find ourselves still.

Still with ourselves
From the day that we came,
But now looking back
Because we have someone to blame;

For something.
For some reason.

For some reason.

Moving on.

Silly Shorts 1

A bird in the hand.
Five layer Dip.
Seven, you say?
I don’t-need any-Lip.

Dime store.
Big boss.
What’s that ya say?

Dig it?
Flipped it.
Train of thought,
Just for fun.

Lose it.
Lost it.
Kiss her.
Graced by God;
The Man above.

Heaven’s here
Future’s coming.
Swat the Fly.

Scratch it.
Jay’s was blue.

Family first.
On the way.
Headed home
Like horse to hay.

Wash em down.
Needs to cool.
Couple weeks
They’re back in school.

Roots below.
Jump out.
Things will show.

Back and forth
Purple Haze.
Need and want.
Time to graze.

Out the gate
Three toed

For Love.
Hula Hoop.
Missing Jack.

Something to try.

At the risk of scaring some of you off with the word, Art, let’s call this exercise, an exploration, or, just something different to try.

Get somewhere by yourself with a pencil, or pen, some paper, and some music. I recommend headphones. The music selection is whatever you wish. Once the song begins playing close your eyes and just let your hand go (pen to paper) with whatever you’re feeling. There’s no right or wrong. It should end up looking like messy scribble.

Once the song is over, you’re done with phase one. Open your eyes, and see what you did. Then just take a minute or two to look at it.  See what you start to see. Again, no right or wrong.

Next, take take the same pencil or pen ( or a colored marker) and begin to trace what you’re seeing within the scribble. You may not see anything other than scribble. You may see circles, or figure eights, or a person’s face.  The point is to begin tracing. You may do this with or without music.

I enjoy the freedom and flow of the first part of the exercise, and then self observation in the tracing part. Anyways, let me know if you try it and what you think.