Not Just Two Worlds

This world is a shit show,

And it’s led by shit leaders.

But this life is amazing

Once we take off our readers.

For our eyes become lazy,

And our sight becomes blurred.

But within and with darkness

We’ll step outside of the herd.


Into the light where we can see clearly, Now.

Blurry. Clarity.

Behind us. Around us. Outside. Within.

The tale, the tiger’s yet one of sin.

To touch it, dizzy. Scared, we run.

Doctor’s order.

Father. Son.

Begun. Beginning. Ending now.

We tell ourselves we don’t know how.

Confused yet sure. Coyotes dance.

Angels whisper, Here’s your chance.

Egos. Titles. Pain.

We reach for our glasses

And find they’re not there.

In that moment

We see we’re aware.


So we trust in ourselves,

Though our vision is blurred.

It’s clear from within.

Our words have been slurred.