We’re Blinded by the Light.

The right path for you is black and white,

And you know it.

You’ve seen glimpses of it.

You dream of it,

Yet with the rising of each passing sun

You tell yourself you don’t deserve it.

At the heart of the matter is self-doubt and fear.

And so you think that there’s this other place,

Somewhere off into the future,

But you realize that right now is all there’s ever been and all there ever will be.

So you accept this. The divide within yourself. You dare in this moment to open yourself up; to peel back the layers and to love and accept everything within you. Now. Now you’re on the path you desire. And you’ve realized… it’s not that you’re not somewhere doing things you don’t live doing. You’re doing exactly what you’ve wanted to do.


Life’s unbelievable. Truly. So unbelievable that we’re actually hiding from ourselves….because we’re all so bright and beautiful that it’s blinding, to say the least.

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