Observe, and Reset Your Focus

Focus blurs, literally, when the mind wanders and/or when attention is paid to things. Pay attention to what’s in front of you, and stay focused on your business and your responsibilities. And, be rooted in healthy perspectives with appreciation for life.

I was just wasting time and came across a disgusting image. I wished I hadn’t seen it, but I did, and I went to a place of trying to get the image out of my mind. I noticed my eye sight and focus readjusting and coming back to an object right in front of me.

As may always be the case, we’re moving on / moving forward through time. Our focus is a reflection of our mind(s).

Exercise to consider. Simply pick something out. A plant, your dog, whatever, and just look at it. Observe it. Allow your mind to let go of whatever’on it / in it. It should only take a few seconds to become the observer. If your mind is unquiet then try finding words to describe what you’re looking at. Examples: beautiful plant. Has flowers. Green leaves.

This will help you to quiet your mind.

This, call it a form of meditation, can be used anytime. I do it throughout the day and find it helpful. If you try it… Hope it helps you too.

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