Work in Progress

Pushed and yet trapped

Is the way we all know.

Tend to awareness

If your hope is to grow.


See life like a symphony.

Conductor or not,

You’re playing a part.

Your stance is your lot.


See-how folks are moving

And reacting to things.

How do they handle

What life takes and brings?


There’s a chorus and choir,

Instruments common, and new,

Players all over.

They’re mixed-up about you.


Unsure of themselves

And unsure of their place

They can’t see the truth;

Their own tail’s what they chase.


So YOU decide

To see what is here.

But you can’t know the moment

If you don’t know your fear.


You can’t know the present

Without knowing the past.

And, you can’t catch the future

If you’re unwilling to cast.


You can’t be in the moment,

Not with what it can be…

If the past holds you down,

You’re unable to see (clearly).

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