We see what we want

You can believe what you want,

But it is what it is.

You see what you want. But it’s truth that will live.

If you can’t be sure, then it might not be fact.

But, you stand to lose, so you choose to attack.

You’re wanting an outcome to play-out in your favor, but if you can’t keep it real…karma comes later…

Which is when you’ll admit it; that you had it wrong. And, then what? Too late? That moment’s now gone.

So what do ya do? Can you make things right?

Lesson learned? Will you change overnight?

It’s like the stars. They don’t go away.

You think they’re gone. They’re just outta sight for the day.

Like the light you can’t see, but that’s always been there. If you happen to see it, then you’re becoming aware.

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