Where do you sit?

I prefer not to sit in the same seat all the time.

I play musical chairs, and see what I find.

And, I’ve found that most like to sit in the same seat all the time, where they’re comfortable and right.

As long as one knows where another sits, outcomes are predictable. And, unless one’s planned for a desired outcome, and anticipating the behavior of the other… we fall prey to our seat, and react as we think we should. We’re then simply faced with a new story, while remaining in the same seat; perhaps further stuck than we were before. The other’s seat may or may not have changed either. Likely not.

The Sky is Like Art

The sky is like art. We’re all looking at the same thing, but we’re all experiencing something different; seeing it differently and feeling differently about what we’re seeing. The experience is very personal and very much a thing of presence, in the moment, or lack there of.