With It

The hawk knows of boundaries, yet plays in the Wind. Accepting of nature, she spreads her Wings.

It’s a beautiful sight, that I’m privileged to See. And, that I’m privileged to consider; that she’s here with Me.


There are those who won’t look at me in the eyes.

And, there are those who have, and who have lied.

So sad these people, not dealing with truth.

Perspective is reality? Then, how varied our realities. How complex our existence, yet simple.

So close, yet so far we are from the way life is.

Dreams Too

Can’t be the same as yesterday. There’s more than we have seen.

Better than we’ve been before. It must have been a dream.

Realized from from a man. That’s what lies ahead. Not just dreams, but what we see, when we are not in bed.