Shifting Focus

Like a key that’s lost. You look and look.

It won’t show up til you turn the page in the book.

Like the light you need. You don’t know if it’s there.

But, it reveals itself, as you’re becoming aware.

It’s a matter of focus. We see what we can.

Our eyes adjust, once we understand…

How to see things differently.

EQ Truth

When you judge (negatively) someone’s Action,

You’re missing the mark, if it’s not with Compassion.

We lash-out from within. Often, from Pain.

But, you have to ask, what does it Change?

What was, is. What is, will Be.

If you can allow things to be, you’ll come to See…

That there is such a thing as Karma. And, we most-often regret throwing-knives.

In This Space

Y’all eager, and want to.

But, don’t-know-what-it-is to-be-high






High-five, shy-guy.

In. Two-win.


Get up.



Dealt with. Gambled. Lost.

Went back. Attacked.

See Jack.

Jack’s gone. But, here.

Queer. Right? The fight.

For Love.

That’s gone,

And back again.



Over and over again.

With sin.

All up in it. Unavoidable.

It’s there.

Stare at it, if you like.

Ain’t goin nowhere.


Not fair.

If it’s bullshit.

I dare.

Stand there. With it.

With it? See. Believe me.

Me you me. He is.

I am.

So take the dates

And run with them.

If not, don’t press your luck.

Or, do. Your choice.

You know, the voice.

We know,

We told ya so.

But, what-about



Those, fallin-through-the-cracks.

Below the floor;

The one we built;

Father, and those before.

So, some can’t even see it.

Don’t know it’s even there.

We’re all in this together.

Don’t run, cause you are scared.

Oh scarred.

We all have pain.

We’re in this thing together.

Seeing the Light and Showing it to Others

We’re all living in reality. Few are connected with it, in a truly meaningful way. Few have glimpsed our potential, muchless connected with it.

If one cannot feel and understand what we are and what we have to give to others, than he’s missing the point, and living a shallow life.

We see others as we’re able to see ourselves. So, think well of yourself. Try to find the best of yourself, within the best story of what life is. Then you will be able to see others in a positive light. And, then you’ll be able to show others the light that exists within them.

A Life with Nature

I see the hawks, and I hear their cries.

I notice the ground, and dead butterflies.

I think, many don’t, and that they’re missing out;

Consumed with consumerism and

Filled with doubt,

And entirely focused within their story,

Of the way Life is.

A shame, I’d say, to not notice nature.

The Signs

They’re always there, though we don’t always see them.

They don’t change. We do.

And, every once in a while, we run into them, and we wonder, how did I not see it before now?


As I walk,

Others move on.

We’re sharing this space.

We’re like chords in a song.

And we all have a part.

But we’re lost in forever.

Equally confused

By the meaning of together.