Love, this August

I love the skys I see these days;
Nearing end of summer.

A heavy year I’ve carried,
With greater dreams in tow.

With it all, I’m with the sky.
We’re changing every day.
I can’t-wait for-tomorrow,
And whatever comes my way.

Shared Skys

From my sky to yours.
Ain’t what it was.
I send my love.

We up above,
Yet down below,
We all get lost, like we don’t know.

We up above
Because we’ve been there;
A place we’ll always share.

So down below,
From my sky to yours,
I’m with you.

Rise up

Gunna give myself
The good stuff.
Tough enough
With my brain
With insane
At the edge;
Like a bubble
Where trouble
Slaps you
In the face
Where disgrace
Is a race
To forget.
We lose sight
Of the Light,
So we fight
In defense
To protect.
And projected
Are ideas,
Just thoughts
That we consume.

With costumes
We play a role,
And, explore
A finite space
In time…

So take this rhyme
As love.

Be filled;
Full with love
To the top
And break through.

Above and beyond the fight.

With love.
For love.

Tend to your pains
And the pains of others.

You needn’t disguise,
Or hide.