We’re All Fine

Full of thought tonight.
Full of gratitude.
Full of hope.
Full of sadness.
Full of willingness to give more of myself.
Excited to be a part of the new year.
Wishing you extra peace and joy.

Hoping you find comfort in the road ahead.

Love yourself and others, patiently, and compassionately; the best you can.

Work hard, and hold others above your work.

Do the right things.

Trust in yourself and in Life.

Be positive.
See the good in things, yourself, and in others.

Drive Your Legs, Fella.

You did it,
But question
The effort you made.

You question
Your worth
Because of what you are paid.

You believe
You are better;
Your value unseen.

But, you won’t
Take the steps,
Like the addict won’t ween.

Yet you know
That the answer
Comes down to one fact.

You must believe in yourself,
And control how you act…

Means having a plan,
And trusting your way.
If you don’t take the steps
It’s here you will stay.

It’s all on you
To decide what to do,
So take a chance,
And see it through.

And trust in others,
Who have braved it before.
They all speak of effort,
As being the core.

No short-cuts; hard work,
Is the key to success.
There will be road blocks,
So expect no less.

It’s never give up
Until you realize your dream.
But, you must takes the steps
If your to rise with the cream.