Doubt About Others

I wish I could share
All the good that I know.
I feel lost among lost;
Like a seed that won’t grow.

I feel defeated at times;
Mired in fear.
That everyone’s sleeping;
Unable to hear;

Walking their way;
Their own path to follow.
Unaware that their purpose
Is shallow and hollow.

I feel compelled to ignore;
Drawn-just to observe.
To not get caught up;
To get ahead of the curve.

Feeding-in to others
Seems a game of reaction.
What’s the point?
Where’s the traction?

Brings me back to the point,
I must pave my own way.
Find purpose and meaning;
Joy that will stay.

I believe that way
Is through having a plan.
One where I’m leading;
My flame that I fan.

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