SEC and Playoff

Tua’s still green.
Makes mistakes when he’s pressed.
Dawgs will expose him,
In the Dirty Bird’s nest.

With the title at stake,
And… a playoff spot,
He will come unhinged;
Whether you like it or not.

It’ll be the Tide going out;
UGA rolling in;
First title since Herschel;
Georgia by ten.

Grow Without Regret

Make the climb;
Take on the hill.
You can’t grow stronger
By remaining still.

So push yourself
To learn and grow.
Give it your all.
At least then you’ll-know,

That you lived to the fullest.
There’ll be no regret.
You dared to reach
The goals you set.

Outcomes aside,
If you gave your best,
You can mark it an “A”,
For you grade the test.

You’ll be the judge,
Of the effort you made.
If you cheat yourself,
There’s a price to be paid.

Wake Up

The day begins before-sunrise.
It-doesn’t-start when you hear your ALARM.
You choose the time, when you want to get up,
And-when to-begin tending the FARM.

A-healthy-farm gets consistent care.
The-farmer controls what he CAN.
He learns and adapts as the seasons go by;
With-unwavering execution of PLAN.

Another Journey

Drink from the fire-hose.
Then you’re handed a paddle.
Just you and your life boat.
There’s no room for your saddle.

Came in on your high horse,
But-now there’s no land;
Nothing in sight.
Your course is not planned.

But, you’ve been given a plan,
And, you’ve been told to trust it.
It’s, Mind your raft,
Because the ocean can bust it.

It’s, Paddle away,
And push through the pain
Some days you’ll move backwards,
Which can mess with your brain.

And, just as you think
You’ve figured things out,
Along comes a wave;
And it fills you with doubt.

But, you keep moving on
With what you’ve been taught;
The Belief in yourself
Is all but shot.

It’s where winners are born;
Through these times of doubt;
The test of self
Reveals what you’re about.

Where strength is found;
Unknown before.
No way to know it
Until you challenge your core.


I’m in your corner,
Whether you know it or not;
Ready to act,
And to give-all that I’ve got;

Filled with love;
The strength of ten men;
More strength than an army
That’s fighting from sin.

An American man,
Behind the scene.
Walking in truth.
You know what i mean.

Above the boss,
That climbed in greed;
Beyond… All the Way Up;
Different gear. Different speed.

It’ll blow your mind,
Like a bomb to your brain;
Born from a path
That began with pain.

Trial throught fire;
Now forged like steel.
Driven by purpose
Like a mouse on a wheel.

No quit in the journey.
No stop in my fight.
It’s-for the-greater-good;
Hundred percent right.

I’m the guy you want ;
The guy you cheer-for;
The man you need
To bust through the door.

Calling out the pink elephants
That you’ve learned to ignore;
Pulling the rug;
Exposing the floor.

Shinning-a-light on the holes,
Calling-out the-foundation.
Once and for all,
Bringing-together a nation.

Right where it hurts;
Straight to our pain.
Walls must come down
For progress and gain.

So that we may move forward;
The truth will come out.
We’ll all look inside,
And see what we are about.

Much greater, the way,
Than we’ve ever known.
Children of light.
Where no one’s alone.

We are one.
Here together, for one another.

Hear the Call

We hear the words
We’ve heard before,
But this time they
Mean something more.

They strike a chord
You never knew,
And now it’s clear
What you must do.

From feeling rose
A simple thought.
Something gave,
Like you’d been caught.

Released to be
The way you need.
You’re shown the path;
You will succeed.

A matter now
Of plan to win.
And, moving past
The way it’s been.

You found your purpose.
You know the why.
Let this drive
The way you try.

Let it fill you
Every day.
With some peace
That’s here to stay.

That comforts you
When times get tough;
When you-want to-say,
I’ve had enough.

You won’t give up;
Your fire’s lit.
Go for your dream.
Refuse to quit.


Ignorance ain’t bliss.
What a horrible cliche;
An excuse for blindness;
Giving into a way,

That’s less than ideal.
You’re acknowledging fault;
Accepting your place,
Like you’re locked in a vault.

Resigned to a framework,
And a limited view.
Content to exist
The way you do.

We all have a ceiling;
Can only know so much.
What’s your reality?
Do you believe you’re in touch?

Comes down to what matters;
To each his own.
What’s your potential?
How much have you grown?

So, what are you holding
That keeps you back?
From stretching your wings?
What-do-you-believe that you lack?

I-suggest-you challenge your thinking;
Live by, I’m better than this.
Establish some targets.
Refuse to miss.


What do you put in your body?
That’s a long term play?
Because you’ve been told
There’s no other way?

The-doc can’t-tell-you-why?
And, he’s the M.D.?
They don’t have the answers?
And, what was his fee?!

For what? You’re kidding?
To push the drug?
Unbelievable lies
Swept under the rug.