Another Journey

Drink from the fire-hose.
Then you’re handed a paddle.
Just you and your life boat.
There’s no room for your saddle.

Came in on your high horse,
But-now there’s no land;
Nothing in sight.
Your course is not planned.

But, you’ve been given a plan,
And, you’ve been told to trust it.
It’s, Mind your raft,
Because the ocean can bust it.

It’s, Paddle away,
And push through the pain
Some days you’ll move backwards,
Which can mess with your brain.

And, just as you think
You’ve figured things out,
Along comes a wave;
And it fills you with doubt.

But, you keep moving on
With what you’ve been taught;
The Belief in yourself
Is all but shot.

It’s where winners are born;
Through these times of doubt;
The test of self
Reveals what you’re about.

Where strength is found;
Unknown before.
No way to know it
Until you challenge your core.

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