Ignorance ain’t bliss.
What a horrible cliche;
An excuse for blindness;
Giving into a way,

That’s less than ideal.
You’re acknowledging fault;
Accepting your place,
Like you’re locked in a vault.

Resigned to a framework,
And a limited view.
Content to exist
The way you do.

We all have a ceiling;
Can only know so much.
What’s your reality?
Do you believe you’re in touch?

Comes down to what matters;
To each his own.
What’s your potential?
How much have you grown?

So, what are you holding
That keeps you back?
From stretching your wings?
What-do-you-believe that you lack?

I-suggest-you challenge your thinking;
Live by, I’m better than this.
Establish some targets.
Refuse to miss.

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