Give from Pain

To give of yourself
Is a gift to hold dear.
It means being open,
And facing the fear.

It takes love for yourself
And the purpose called Love,
And belief that we’re guided
From the Heavens above.

Beyond doubt we must rise.
Beyond shame we must live.
We can transform
When the focus is, Give.

Sing of the Deal

Just gunna say this once
Now, That…
We’re livin the dream.

Just havent seen the things I’ve seen.
It’s a wake up call
Is all i can give…

When i remember.

And, I’ll let ya know then,
When i do, i know,
And don’t forget
That i know…

That the dream is now,
And when we wake up.

That i know a story,
Of my own;
Of us all…

And we may yet
All know
Where we are…

Before we pass, into our dream;

As we know it should be,
While we dreamt.

Thought About it

What’s there is there,
So why look back?
Unless what’s there
Could hit your stack.

If there’s no threat
Then move ahead.
No need to stop.
The light’s not red.

Eyes down the road;
Move at your pace.
You define
The way you race.

You decide
The way you are.
Boss mode?, Coward?,

Where ya headed?
Are you led?
Control your thoughts;
What’s in your head.

The Chills

You can’t not get the chills,
When Roy’s ball hits the lights,
When the crowd chants Rudy’s name,
During all of Rocky’s fights.

And please… with Jimmy Chitwood?
The shot to win the game?
The speach before they play?
Jimmy calling his own name?

These moments are the best;
These athletes and their wills
No-matter how many times you see it,
They always bring the chills.