Through the Clouds

No other words for it;
So clear.
Whatever it is you’re looking at;
A matter of how we see it..

Through our eyes,
From within;
A light
That shines.

Always there,
Like the Sun.
As others want the best from you;
Waiting for your clouds to part.
So you’ll come through;

You’re place to come out
From the forest or field;
Wherever you are;
From within.

Again and again,
Til you’re cruising;
Open road. Blue sky;
Beyond the roadblocks,
With the weight of your past
Held up;
In it’s place.

Free for the time,
That we have;

Standing true.
For others;
Like the knight in shinning armor…

With a long way to go…

Strength from the past
With the, more than we know
For the road ahead.

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