Outside and Within

Enjoy watching-birds
Because you can.
That’s-what Saturday’s for.
Spending time with no plan.

You can take in the sounds,
While enjoying the breeze,
While feeling the sun.
Take-time-for-yourself, please.

One day, try headphones;
The next, go without.
Mix it up how you like.
Change is-what-it’s-about.

Taking time for yourself
And finding some space,
Will bring peace to your weekdays,
When you’re in the rat race.

Because peace is a feeling,
That we find from within.
And, we can share it with others.
Starting now, let’s begin.

Start just by sitting,
Or go for a walk.
And, see what you find,
You may hear a hawk.

I promise you this.
Its worth it, and free.
And, will help with your balance.
Try it out. You will see.

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