Just a Kiss

What are we doing?
We’re better than this.
Can we agree to move on?
May i give you a kiss?

I don’t care anymore
About being right.
I’m over it now.
I don’t want to fight.

So much resentment.
It’s become a disease.
We’ve got to let go.
I’m begging you, please!

We-can be-happy, I-know.
The clouds will part.
I’ve thought it through.
This is a matter of heart.

I feel your tension.
I know your pain.
I pray for blue skies,
And an end to the rain.

Please join me now
And take my hand.
Do you feel what I’m saying?
Do you understand?

Please trust in me.
Believe in this.
We can be better.
Let’s let it start with this kiss.

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