I Can and Will

Settling in
With no time to snooze.
It’s a matter of effort;
I will not lose.

It’s learn as I go.
It’s stick to the plan.
Show early. Leave late,
With belief that, I can.

I’ve been here before,
And I know how.
Determination and focus.
The moment is now.

Eliminate distractions.
Over and over again.
Consistent practice,
Is how I will win.

Hard work pays off.
It’s been proven before.
But, the key is grit;
When you can’t give anymore.

When you mind says, stop.
When you’re all outta gas.
That’s when you fight.
You know that tired will pass.

And, so you push through
Giving your-all each day.
One day you’ll look back
And will be able to say…

I did my best.

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