Live your Dream

You fit just so;
Just by being;
Regardless of past
And of the future you’re seeing.

Do you know who you are?
Do you know what you’re doing?
Are you at peace with yourself,
Or do you sit around stewing?

Do you work on yourself?
Do you have a plan?
Whatever it is,
Do you believe that you can?

Do you understand,
By now, how things go?
You must be open to learning,
And trying to grow.

Just a step at a time;
That’s all we can do.
Start with a small goal,
Then see it through.

Then move on to another.
Make the most of the day.
Refuse to give up,
And you will find your way.

Think of buckets of time.
Make a plan for each hour.
Your effort’s like sun;
You’ll grow like a flower.

Slowly but surely,
But not without rain;
This comes from thought;
Seeds of your brain.

So be mindful; aware,
Of all that you do.
With focus and practice,
Your dreams may come true.

From a Dream

I woke in a funk
From a dream that I’d had.
I don’t recall it,
But it must have been sad.

But-i-don’t-sit and wallow.
I keep ThinkingAhead.
I stick to my plan
When-I get outta bed.

Excellence takes grit.
It’s a matter of habit.
Eliminate distractions.
Go out and grab it.

Stay the course
Then-in-time you will find
The weight of your fears
Was left behind.

With intention and focus,
And consistent routine,
You’ll find yourself
As the person you’d seen;

The best version of you,
Emerging through trial.
It doesn’t come easy.
It takes a while.

And, along that road,
Most give in;
Unwilling to do
What it takes to win.

Keep believing in you.
Fight harder each day.
You will grow stronger.
You will find your way.

Make Sense?

Which way did you take it?
Your mind began wondering
So that you could then make it,
Your own;
Form that makes sense;
You need to name it.
Our instinct says
To capture and tame it.

Things come and go
And most only know
What they want
To hold and make sense of.

Be All in

Embrace yourself fully,
And what’s inside.
Let go of excuses;
The reasons to hide.

And, use your voice.
It does have an impact.
Everything does.
That’s a matter of fact.

It starts when you wake.
Control your mind.
Try a positive mantra
Like, I’m happy and Kind.

Or, I’m happy I’m here.
Or, it’s great I’m alive.
Just keep it simple.
From foundation you’ll thrive.

So, let’s work on awareness;
Allow our best to come through.
Is to question our thinking
And to believe in it too.

Giant Moment

Unbelievable moment.
Ten men on the court.
Each bound and determined
Not to sell themselves short.

Palpable pressure.
Clock running out.
Comes down to focus;
No room for doubt.

Crowd on their feet.
Cheering, worldwide.
The brightest of stages.
There’s nowhere to hide.

Who will come through,
And make the big play?
Or, will someone miss
Because it wasn’t his day?

Whatever the case
They’ve all earned their spot.
They’re just seconds away
From the final shot.

And, in moments they’ll know
Of the story they’ll hold
For the rest of their lives,
Carrying silver or gold.

Curious isn’t it?

We experience life.
Each eye, like a Lens.
Our body has sensors,
Where the input begins.

Our brain, like computer.
We-don’t know the half.
We’re making sense of ourselves
While defining the path.

Curious indeed.
Potential, untapped.
And-so we explore it;
Like a gift we’ve unwrapped.