Allow Life to be Good

What’s your mindset
As your children grow?

When’s it time
For the swing set to go?

Memories pop out,
Within the routine.
Just as hope for their future
Comes-from that which you’ve seen.

Finding space for ourselves,
While connected with all;
Stepping away,
While minding the call;

The call to be there;
To-help show-them the-way;
We’re guarding our children,
While letting them play.

We come back to presence
Amidst the-waves of perspective.
Juggling their freedom,
While being corrective.

Keen to serve.
Setting the stage
Imparting knowledge
Of joy and of rage.

To protect and to guard
From others and self,
Knowing life can be hard.

So now, take a deep breath.
Keep it simple. Be true.
Have faith in the Lord.
Life is good as are you.

Food for Thought

What you see is what you get,
But-you-might-not-know what you’re looking at.

Is it fair to say that we usually don’t?; that we most often see things within the confines of our mind?

Take a rainy day for instance.
Do you see the blueless sky and think, there’s sunshine and blue skies beyond the grey I see?

I wonder too how much we take for granted.

I think back to parenting, when my children couldn’t yet talk, and were just learning to walk.
I recall an awareness of moving too quickly, through the world that i am all too familiar with. As in, catch up young one. Do as i do, as it seemed lost on me that they understood so little about where they were… relative to my understanding of things.

Slow Down

Step back
And away
From the way
That you see it.


A little space
To consider a better way.


We don’t have it all figured out.

But, we can do better,

We’ll slow down.
Like this,
And learn from eachother;

All the time in the world, now.

The Unsure

Do you occasionally find
That you’ve been holding your breath?
Are you ever tight in the chest?
And, what about
That feeling you get,
Like-right-before taking a test?

Feelings come from within,
From-something outside of us.
Do you know the why and how?
Awareness is one thing;
Understanding another;
Like, all there is, is now.

We seem to forget it.
We never quite learn;
Content to move along.
Repeating mistakes
And following feelings;
Confused; between “right and wrong”.

Identify distraction and get it out of the Plan.

Feeling frustrated?
Now stop. Soak it in.
Take a deep breath,
And then do it again.

Everything’s fine.
You’re gunna turn off your mind.
Now. There we are.
What did you find?

Not sure? I’ll tell you.
You connected with you.
Present moment;
More of what’s true.

So, give yourself credit.
Things just aren’t that bad.
You had expectations,
And then you got mad.

Whatever it is,
You’re better-off to let-go.
Frustration becomes distraction
Trust me. I know.

Take control of your time,
And do what you can.
Trust in yourself,
And stick to your plan.

Back to Work!

I’m now re-employed.
I’m in a brand new space;
Still in sales;
New goals to chase.

Loving the challenge,
I’m one week in.
I-feel a-bit like a fish
That’s missing a fin.

A bit outta place,
But not over my head;
Trying to focus
On all that’s said.

Doing my best,
I feel the light;
Can’t quite see it,
But I know that it’s bright.

The others have made it,
And I will too.
I know I’m supported.
I-know I’ll come through.

Because-I’m eager to learn
And to figure it out.
And, I’m working a plan
That-I’ve no-doubt-about.

Batter Up

We’re all in the same boat,
In that we all have a hand.
Where we will go
Depends on how well we’re planned.

If you haven’t a goal,
Then how can you get there?
Without process and script,
Rest assured you’ll go nowhere.

Where there’s a will there’s a way.
And, there are maps you can find.
They’ll point the way.
To ignore them is blind.

So, learn from others.
It’s a powerful thing.
You just never know,
What another may bring.

And, you’ll save yourself time.
Others have-learned the hard way.
They could save you years,
Or they could save you a day.

Point-is, we-don’t know it all.
Be curious, and learn.
Now is your time.
Swing the bat. It’s your turn.