Build upon yesterday
And upon last week.
May this add to your process.
May you find what you seek.

Always keep learning,
And questioning your way.
Work on your scripts;
Every word that you say.

Be dovoted to improving.
Embrace the-challenge in that.
The phone to sales
Is like wrestler and mat.

You gotta be on it.
You gotta get in the game.
If-you-want different results
You-can’t stay the same.

I know that you know this.
We’ve heard it before.
But, do-we really listen?
Or, do-we prefer to ignore?

As our ego controls us?
We say, yeh, yeh, I know.
As-if we’re at the top of our game,
Though the results don’t show.

I guess, just be open.
We don’t know it all.
Let-this be a bell.
You’ve gotta answer the call.

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