Batter Up

We’re all in the same boat,
In that we all have a hand.
Where we will go
Depends on how well we’re planned.

If you haven’t a goal,
Then how can you get there?
Without process and script,
Rest assured you’ll go nowhere.

Where there’s a will there’s a way.
And, there are maps you can find.
They’ll point the way.
To ignore them is blind.

So, learn from others.
It’s a powerful thing.
You just never know,
What another may bring.

And, you’ll save yourself time.
Others have-learned the hard way.
They could save you years,
Or they could save you a day.

Point-is, we-don’t know it all.
Be curious, and learn.
Now is your time.
Swing the bat. It’s your turn.

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