The Hand We Play

We’re all gunna struggle
With the hand we were dealt.
The baggage we carry
Is of the pain that we’ve felt.

As we manage our self.
We-find things in our way,
As we’re giving some thought
To each word that we say.

Listening to others,
We hear what we hear;
Most what they want.
Many guided by fear.

From fear of rejection,
We’ve all something to prove.
But, for who and for what?
Does it control how we move?

Or, why we move?
What is-it we chase?
Keep up with the Jones’.
Else we’re losing the race?

I think about want vs need;
Many consumed with desire.
Wanting more and more,
We feed the system, as buyer.

Emotionally charged,
We are moved without thought.
From emotion we’ll then
Justify what we bought.

As in, a stacked deck.
We play from behind.
In a way we are victims.
They know that we’re blind.

So what’s the key?
How do we win?
Well, it happens right now.
That’s where to begin.

Take control of your hand.
It’s ours, to play.
Learn what you hold.
Unlearn, and then say,

I control me.
I’m gunna know why I tick.
I inherited a past.
You could say that I’m sick.

I’ll work on me.
I’m determined to grow.
Letting actions talk,
Knowing my-tracks will show.

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