Silence from Strength

What i have on my mind
Is often best right there.
But, I can’t help myself
Despite the sign, “Beware”.

So, I open my mouth
To say, I known.
Or-because I think I’m right,
And I say it just so.

But, I’m feeding a battle,
And there’s no way to win;
No point in fighting.
Why did I begin?

I saw the sign,
But I played the part;
The role in her story,
In which I haven’t a heart.

Reacting to
The ME portrayed.
Emotion took bait,
And so I was played.

And, I know I knew better,
But I had to speak out.
Simply… it’s my fault,
And it comes from self doubt.


Gotta get there.
You quicken your pace.
It starts with a thought,
Comes a feeling you chase.

Then you’re lookin’ for peace;
Relief from stress,
That you brought on yourself,
And I call this, a mess.

Confused by your story;
You-cannot just be.
Like you’re in your own way,
And don’t know what you see.


I try to unplug from my story,
But I find the dark
And I hear Lori.

I let you touch me,
And I feel my pain.
I’m tight and guarded;
Prepared for rain.

And so i breath;
Perspective open.
I try to leave the guilt,
Like token
That i picked up
Along the way
And held.
It’s in me now;

A part of me
That i can’t let go of.

So here i am,
Figuring out how to give
Of myself;
To be fully present,
While holding the past,
And while framing the future
That i see as right,

As others have expectations of me;
Different from how i see myself,

I can’t help but feed in;
Reacting in the moment
With resistance,
As i reassure myself that i am right.

Managing self
And finding peace;
Allowing life to be as it is.

Much work to do.
I try my best to enjoy the journey,
While wondering what I’ve learned,
And where i should be headed.
Seems a deeper part of me knows
And is in control.


Focus drifts
Just-as tide shifts.
Time to fetch some WATER.
Now, gentle breeze.
I’m on my knees
And praying for my DAUGHTER.

Thoughts of my son,
I wish the best,
Then learn that he has “FAILED”.
Then contemplate;
Gain perspective.
He tried, therefore he SAILED.

He may have lost,
But-that’s not the point.
He played, and so he LEARNED.
He’ll get back up,
And try again,
Which means that he’ll have YEARNED.

And, will now be more prepared.

To face what he’ll take on.