A Little Change Can Go a Long Way

You find a minute to breath.
What do you do?
Do you take time for yourself?
Why-not-try something new?

Explore something different.
Think of habit
Time slips away
Unless you focus and grab it..

And, work on perspective.
You’ve got the whole day.
Try starting earlier.
Wake up and pray.

“Thank God I’m alive”.
Then, practice your smile.
Then, come back to that
Every once in a while.

Little things like this
Can change your way.
It’s about routine and practice
Throughout every day.

Just the Way it is

You move from angry to angry.
You snap on a dime;
Struggling to enjoy
What should be a good time.

Blaming others.
Pointing out what’s wrong.
Holding on
To a sorrowful song…

That I know as, your past.
Where you feel you were cheated.
But, you’re repeating the story,
Which leaves others depleated…

Negativity reigns.
Poor me thought.
The glass is half empty.
That’s where you are caught.

And, I can’t see it changing.
You-don’t see-it like-this.
Perhaps what I see
Are the things that you miss.

And vice versa.

Walk with Balance

For me to relate
I put myself in your place;
Step into your shoes;
Run in your race.

As we-talk it’s clear –
Your shoes are too tight.
Your soles reveal pressure;
Worn down by your fight;

Your struggle within,
Which you carry as weight.
It effects your balance
As well as your gait.

Just check your footprints;
The tracks behind you.
They’re proof of your way,
And the things that you do.

Stop Worrying

Let’s think of the present.
The moment; right now.
We all hold the past.
The question is, how?

We all look to the future.
So, what do you hold?
Fear and stress
About getting old?

Retirement? Death?
What do you feel,
As you sit here and ponder?
Is your mind like a wheel?

Spinning in circles?
Thoughts pull you away
From the time that you have.
We just have today.

So, let those thoughts go;
The stress from the worry.
It’s ok to relax.
We’re not in a hurry.

Just go to your feeling.
That’s what’s real.
Touch your pain.
That’s how you’ll heal.

That’s how you’ll find peace;
How you’ll get with the now.
Just go to the feeling.
I know you know how.

Taking the Bait

You wanna turn back the clock.
You-regret what you said.
But you can’t change the past.
You gotta put it to bed.

You wanna make things right.
You can’t let it be.
You should sleep on it.
Then see how you see.

Let the emotion die down.
Then you-can-decide.
You’re seeking forgiveness,
But you’re still dealing with pride.

So you give it some time.
It was the right thing to do.
You gave yourself space
So to think things through.

This helped with perpective.
And, it’s received as sincere.
The one you hurt
Says, it’s ok, dear.

You feel relieved.
It’s a weight off your mind.
Moving forward
You’ll be more kind…

Until it happens again,
Which it will for sure.
We’re all just like fish,
That can’t help bite the lure.

Blown Lead

Tough not-to get-down
When you blow a late lead.
The win was in sight,
But you started to bleed.

The shark smelled the blood;
Game over. Good night.
It was like a bad dream;
Wasn’t even a fight.

Momentum shifted;
A slippery slope.
Not a thing you could do.
There was no hope.

Like watching a train wreck;
You couldn’t stop it.
You knew it was coming,
But you’d-already lost it.

Did-you-take-your foot off the gas?
What exactly went wrong?
You know something changed
Before the fat lady’s song.

Whatever it was,
You-don’t-want-to be there again.
You do what it takes
So that next time you’ll win.

Toxic Employer

A chance to think,
Outside of routine;
Outside of the box.
You know what i mean?

You’re role can become you,
As you fill a persona.
Losing sight of your true self.
Can’t-let the-greed own-ya.

A precarious spot though
For some em-ploy-ees.
Many see not
The forest from trees.

Mindless buzzwods.
Lost in roles.
The brave are the few
That’ll speak-up about holes.

But, at the risk of their job,
Most remain quiet,
To the detrement of employer,
Which-would be-served by a riot.

To clear the air,
And to pull up the rug.
So-leaders could-see,
And feel the tug;

The pull from the people.
They-feel-they’re treated as pawn.
As the king and his top-men
Pretend nothing’s wrong.

A sad, sad culture,
Where the leader is blind,
And unwilling to listen,
To those in the grind.

The Zone (hoops)

The time has come.
All from within You;
It’s on you to produce;
You’ve made it Through…

The blood, sweat, and tears.
Willing the Moment.
No one quite knows,
But you’ll show that you Own It.

Impossibly huge.
All the fans’ Hope
Riding on you.
Half want you to Choke,

Though deep-down
We want the best from Eachother;
Peak performace
In Brother vs Brother.

But, in cases like this
Only one can Shine.
You’ve got the ball
Knowing they’re two steps Behind.

You take the shot;
You knew it was Good!!!
The clock expires.
Like Hoosiers and Chitwood.

Coach, I’ll make it.
You called for the ball.
Your teammates knew.
It was more than gall.

100 percent confidence.
We know it as Zone.
Above competition,
You stand alone.

Try This…

Your eyes are closed.
With your breath you’re aware.
Inside of yourself,
Your mind starts to stare.

There are things around you;
Objects and people.
What are you thinking of others?
Let’s call it the we-pull.

As in, you’ve a place.
You control who you are.
Are you seeing short-sided,
Or do you see far?

Do you feel trapped
While your eyes are shut?
What do you feel
In your chest and your gut.

It’s from here; from within,
Where-we can find peace.
Beware what you hold.
It can be like a lease.

From the illusion
Of control;
From ego, not soul.
Know your true voice,
And be sure of your role.

And, see through your fears;
That they come with the walls.
You gotta open the doors,
And walk down the halls…

With the peace that you find from within.

The Illusions From Boundaries

What about your dreams?
I-wake with a feeling,
Which can impact my thoughts,
Like walls and a ceiling.

My gut says we’re guided,
By forces unseen.
Make sense to you?
Do you know what I mean?

How can’t one wonder?
Why would you not?
As far as we know
This-is-the-one life we’ve got.

Don’t know where we come from.
Don’t know where we’ll go.
There’s no one around you
That can say that they know.

Enter-Religions and Science,
Government, and Law.
Everywhere boundaries;
Ones that we draw.

Lines that we’ve made,
But with who in mind?
For the greater good?
Who’s left behind?

Staking claims;
The way it will be.
As-with the birth
Of democracy.

Brings me to beauty;
Said to be on the inside.
The very place
Our Leaders hide;

While holding a flag
And asking for buy in;
Hidden agendas
Perfectly tie in.

Woven in
To the fabric of freedom.
Sacrificing lives (military),
We’re taught that we need em.

Thank God for all of it;
The way that it is.
Have peace in knowing
That you’re a child of His.

And, that everything is happening for a reason; a reason beyond our wildest dreams.