Pace quickens,
As down time is through.
Time to step up,
And to do what you do.

Focus sharpens,
On the tasks ahead.
You know what needs doing,
And what needs to be said.

Engaging orhers
In-the-path moving-along.
Minding distractions,
You’ve gotta be strong.

You’ve the tools that you need,
Which will sharpen in time.
Like the practice of poets,
And the use of rhyme.

With belief in yourself,
Though the road is unclear,
First steps can be toughest;
You gotta get psst the fear.

You gotta wade through the doubt,
And get busy doing.
Think of a player,
With a crowd that’s booing.

Now think of that player,
And that half the crowd roots!
They’re chanting his name;
Hoping he shoots.

There’ll be haters and fans
Wherever you go.
Just do the right thing.
Do what you know.

And, ask people for help.
They’ll step-up and support-you.
Many will know
What you’re going through.

My best wishes to you
In whatever you do.

Trust when I say,
Folks are pulling for you.

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