Get in the Game

Moving onto the next thing;
Continuation of past.
I look to the future;
Like with fishing, I cast.

I thow out a line,
With hope for a bite.
There-are-no guarantees.
There’s no wrong or right.

And, sometimes you catch em.
Sometimes you don’t.
One thing’s for sure;
If you don’t try, you won’t.

Get focused on JOURNEY.
Enjoy the TRY.
Emersed in the task.
Not worried about why…

Or, why not…
Because you’ve set an intention.
And, behavior like this,
Is what leads to invention;

Not of product nor service,
But discovery within;
Change in your sight,
And the chance to begin;

Again, or something different.
We use what we learn.
See through failure.
It’s just a sign that says, turn.

And, move on. Move forward.
Get up. Try again.
Or, try something else,
But the effort’s the win.

And, it’s usually the case,
That-the-first-steps are hard.
But, it’s you with the hand.
You-must play the card.

While the deck may seem stacked,
And that others want-you to-lose.
It’s not up to them;
You-alone must choose.

So, get in the game.
At least you’ll have played.
Bet on yourself.
If not, you’ll have stayed…

The same.

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