Coming Out of Yourself

Shifting focus;
There are things I must do.
Priorities call;
Each one new.

Moving into-the-moment
I put aside where I was.
I take what will serve me,
While I question what does.

Whatever I’m doing
I’m aware of the feeling;
Minding energy;
Pushing the ceiling.

Owning my way.
Dealing with rooms;
Knowing the players,
And who uses brooms.

Sweeping-truth under-rug;
Is where we walk.
I’ll not ignore it.
I’m one who will talk.

It’s why I write;
To-reach the-birds in a cage.
I know of your silence.
I know of your rage.

I can let you out.
I have the key.
But you’ve gotta fly
If you wanna be free.

I’ve touched your voice,
Because-I-heard you calling.
I need your help.
To fight for those falling.

We’ve gotta fix cracks,
And call out the holes.
Too many, content…
Accepting their roles…

Quiet desperation;
Trapped on the inside;
Alone with our screams.
We call for a guide…

To help us out,
So to help ourelves grow;
Willing and able.
Like arrow needs bow.

Please don’t-leave-this alone.
As this poem now ends.
Tend to your fire,
And share it with friends…

And with strangers too;
Everyone you see.
Becoming yourself
Is the path to be free.

Inspire others.
Live beyond where you are now;
Giving more too yourself and of yourself, for the greater good;
One breath and one step at a time.

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