Taking the Bait

You wanna turn back the clock.
You-regret what you said.
But you can’t change the past.
You gotta put it to bed.

You wanna make things right.
You can’t let it be.
You should sleep on it.
Then see how you see.

Let the emotion die down.
Then you-can-decide.
You’re seeking forgiveness,
But you’re still dealing with pride.

So you give it some time.
It was the right thing to do.
You gave yourself space
So to think things through.

This helped with perpective.
And, it’s received as sincere.
The one you hurt
Says, it’s ok, dear.

You feel relieved.
It’s a weight off your mind.
Moving forward
You’ll be more kind…

Until it happens again,
Which it will for sure.
We’re all just like fish,
That can’t help bite the lure.

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