Toxic Employer

A chance to think,
Outside of routine;
Outside of the box.
You know what i mean?

You’re role can become you,
As you fill a persona.
Losing sight of your true self.
Can’t-let the-greed own-ya.

A precarious spot though
For some em-ploy-ees.
Many see not
The forest from trees.

Mindless buzzwods.
Lost in roles.
The brave are the few
That’ll speak-up about holes.

But, at the risk of their job,
Most remain quiet,
To the detrement of employer,
Which-would be-served by a riot.

To clear the air,
And to pull up the rug.
So-leaders could-see,
And feel the tug;

The pull from the people.
They-feel-they’re treated as pawn.
As the king and his top-men
Pretend nothing’s wrong.

A sad, sad culture,
Where the leader is blind,
And unwilling to listen,
To those in the grind.

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