Try This…

Your eyes are closed.
With your breath you’re aware.
Inside of yourself,
Your mind starts to stare.

There are things around you;
Objects and people.
What are you thinking of others?
Let’s call it the we-pull.

As in, you’ve a place.
You control who you are.
Are you seeing short-sided,
Or do you see far?

Do you feel trapped
While your eyes are shut?
What do you feel
In your chest and your gut.

It’s from here; from within,
Where-we can find peace.
Beware what you hold.
It can be like a lease.

From the illusion
Of control;
From ego, not soul.
Know your true voice,
And be sure of your role.

And, see through your fears;
That they come with the walls.
You gotta open the doors,
And walk down the halls…

With the peace that you find from within.

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