The Zone (hoops)

The time has come.
All from within You;
It’s on you to produce;
You’ve made it Through…

The blood, sweat, and tears.
Willing the Moment.
No one quite knows,
But you’ll show that you Own It.

Impossibly huge.
All the fans’ Hope
Riding on you.
Half want you to Choke,

Though deep-down
We want the best from Eachother;
Peak performace
In Brother vs Brother.

But, in cases like this
Only one can Shine.
You’ve got the ball
Knowing they’re two steps Behind.

You take the shot;
You knew it was Good!!!
The clock expires.
Like Hoosiers and Chitwood.

Coach, I’ll make it.
You called for the ball.
Your teammates knew.
It was more than gall.

100 percent confidence.
We know it as Zone.
Above competition,
You stand alone.

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