The Illusions From Boundaries

What about your dreams?
I-wake with a feeling,
Which can impact my thoughts,
Like walls and a ceiling.

My gut says we’re guided,
By forces unseen.
Make sense to you?
Do you know what I mean?

How can’t one wonder?
Why would you not?
As far as we know
This-is-the-one life we’ve got.

Don’t know where we come from.
Don’t know where we’ll go.
There’s no one around you
That can say that they know.

Enter-Religions and Science,
Government, and Law.
Everywhere boundaries;
Ones that we draw.

Lines that we’ve made,
But with who in mind?
For the greater good?
Who’s left behind?

Staking claims;
The way it will be.
As-with the birth
Of democracy.

Brings me to beauty;
Said to be on the inside.
The very place
Our Leaders hide;

While holding a flag
And asking for buy in;
Hidden agendas
Perfectly tie in.

Woven in
To the fabric of freedom.
Sacrificing lives (military),
We’re taught that we need em.

Thank God for all of it;
The way that it is.
Have peace in knowing
That you’re a child of His.

And, that everything is happening for a reason; a reason beyond our wildest dreams.

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