Thinkin of goin to the pool
To just chill for a minute.
You can’t.
It’s Wednesday.
You’re totally in it;

The nine to five.
Gettin it done.
Workin towards Friday,
While I’m out in the sun.

Just sayin’,
That’s where I am;
Unemployed now.
It’s part of my plan.

I’m enjoying my time,
Away from employed.
Soakin’ it in.
Far from annoyed.

This time will end.
I’ll be back at work,
But not with the mindset
That the weekend’s a perk.

Where I’m dreading Monday,
And don’t want to be there.
Led by fools,
Who can’t show they care.

I know what I want now,
And i won’t compromise.
Not here to climb someone’s ladder,
Nor to chase their prize.

I’ll be with good people,
Where I can feel whole.
Not here just for money,
And-to-play-along in-some-role.

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