Family Master’s Tickets (Badges)

Hey, Pop Pops.
About your Master’s tix.
I’d love to go next Year (’19).

Please understand
This comes to you
With some amount of Fear.

Not fear in asking.
I’m comfortable taking that Chance.
Rather, fear of missing out
On Tiger’s comeback-win Dance.

I’d be taking Oliver (Pop Pop’s grandson, 7)
There’s a chance he’ll get Bored.
But, he’ll never forget
Those few-times the crowd Roared.

Pristine grounds.
In a class all its own.
The world’s best golfers;
The stars and unknown.

Pimento cheese sandwiches;
Ridiculously Cheap.
The hush before shots
When you hear not a Peep.

But, most of all,
Time for Father and Son.
Will you give this to us?
It would mean a Ton.

I do struggle in asking.
Your badges? Like Gold.
I know what they’re worth.
I know what you Hold.

I know they are few,
And just-once every Spring.
Please give it some thought,
And then give me a Ring.

Those pine trees are calling
The azaleas are Too.
Please do this for Oli,
And also for You.

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